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Hello everyone

I am trying to get into my dream school, Emory university. I am done with my pre-reqs and begun my application process. However my Gpa is a 3.0 , i doubt i will get in with that gpa but i will try, and see what happens.

Can any emory students please tell me what there gpa was when they got accepted into the program.


Thanks everyone...

i had a 2.3 and got accepted

Emory is easier to get into than the public nursing schools. Public schools are a lot more competitive because Emory is so expensive!! You get the same degree.

thanks, im just scared i wont get accepted with a 3.0 gpa

what were your gpas? thanks

RNadia are you applying for Fall 2011? I am starting my application soon for fall 2011 I am so scared! Do you have any community service or volunteer hours? Thanks!

I have 2 friends who currently attend Emory (Nell Hodgson Woodfruff Shool of Nursing). They both started this year in August. One had a 4.0 GPA and the other had about a 3.8-3.9. Emory has a Question and answer section on their website for prospective students. I copied and pasted the following from their website.

What is the minimum GPA for admission?

We prefer to see at least a 3.0 in all course work. The average GPA of admitted students is a 3.45.

hlee... yes. i am applying for spring 2011. i volunteer at grady every sunday at the icu, and i am a certified nursing assistant. i hope that helps me in the admissions process, since my gpa is now a 3.1:crying2:. i hope i get in. im currently working on my essay/ resume. i hope everything works out for you. also whats your gpa like if you dont mind me asking.

thanks for the info sharzaejones

RNadia. My GPA is 3.3 Hopefully after I finish all my pre-requisites it will be at least a 3.5 =( I do not volunteer. I do work in the healthcare field but it is not hands on like a CNA. I was looking at the questions listed on Emory for the applicants to answers, I am scared because I do not have any volunteer or community service work. :crying2: Good luck to you RNadia! I hope we can keep in touch throughout our application process!!! =)

Hlee. Yes we will keep in touch, im very scared because im done with all my prereqs and i have a 3.1, your gpa is way better than mine. good luck to you.But you should do volunteer at grady, i think it will help you. BTW where do you work ?

Also i dont work as a CNA now, i would love too but can not find a job, i applied everywhere. Do you know anywhere in need for CNA?

RNadia. I work at a hospice. How is your volunteering experience at Grady? I found an application on Grady Hospitals website. It sounds like a great experience! As of right now I am not sure of any place hiring a CNA. Sorry. =/

Volunteering is great at grady, you should look into it. BTW, my gpa is a 3.1 everyone is telling me not to apply to emory with that gpa, because i wont get accepted, everyone is scaring me. should i take some classes to bring my gpa up, or just apply?

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