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Emory Nursing Students!!!!

Hey everyone,

I have applied to the NHWSoN begining Fall 2010. I submited my application packet the first week of September. I am already CrAzY with anxiety. When did you folks here that you were accepted. How soon after you applied?

I met with an advisor last month and she said I should have no problem getting in. I am an Emory employee. I have been a Nurse Tech for ten years (not all at Emory). The 3 letters of recommendation were from: my A&P teacher, another teacher of health sciences, and my boss who is MSN, RN, FNP-C.

I have always wanted to be an Emory Nurse!!!!! Hopefully my dream will come true soon!!!!

Please let me know when you applied to the program and when you got your accpt. letter........jasonwalkeratl


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I am a current Emory NHWSON senior. My acceptance letter came right around Christmas. I had submitted my packet Sep/Oct 2008. At that time Emory conducted an early decision review of packets submitted prior to Nov. I am not sure if they still do that or not considering the school has a new dean as of this year. The admissions office did tell me that if you are not considered for early decision you will be reveiwed again in Jan along with everyone else. I don't know if that answers your questions or not. Good luck to you!


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This is for all of you out there that are having anxiety about if you are going to get accepted or not. Here's some advice from someone in their first semester over at Emory.

1. They start letting people know if they made it in starting around December-March and its more than just your GPA.(You will either see a letter on the OPUS site, Get one in the mail, or some people saw their OPUS account appear with additional information like email address, payment due even before they got the letter. Also some people get in later because someone that was accepted ends up going to another school)

2. Scholarship winners get info between Feb-May(you don't have to call the school for that. they will let you know)

3. The school is very helpful in trying to match you with available scholarships that they have. 95% of the students get some form of financial aid. Keep in mind that I said some not all. You will have to do your research to get additional money.

4. Emory University does not take Plastic for any payments. You will need to make sure you have money in your bank account for additional items. With that said make sure you have at least 1000.00 on hand when school starts

5. During the summer before school begins you will need to have a complete physical, immunizations done if yours are not up to date, back ground check, and health insurance or you can get Emory's(they will send you all of this info via OPUS)

6. We were required to get Calculating Drug Dosages by Werner-McCullough and complete all of the modules except Peds and the NCLEX portion and bring the test results in on the first day of orientation. I don't know if it wil be the same for you all but work on the MED Math as well as review your anatomy because they expect you to know it when you come.

7. Try to get books from online to get them cheaper or get them from senior if you instructor is just using the next additon.(they'll send the book list out during the summer)

8. They will give you a list for supplies that includes uniforms,stethescope, PDA (yes you have to get the kind that they tell you to get with the exception of shoes they just need to be all white and clean)

9. You can use your labtop in class which is very helpful!!!! You can also use your PDA to look up drugs and things as well!! The PDA is required most of us use either BB, I Phone, I touch.

10.You won't get an ID until school starts because you have to have a proxy put on it which gives you access in the hospital.

11. Orientation is normally 3 days. you don't have to dress up and its fun!!

12. The staff at the SON is excellent. They are really here to help you and they care!!! They will not let you in unless they believe you can be a great nurse and they expect to see you graduate!!!


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Last thing!!! I'll explain what the BSN 1st year 1st Semeter is like:

We have 4 classes that we take. The first 4-5 weeks of school on Thursday and Friday we had Clinical lab. Starting around the 6th week one of those clinical lab days is replaced with a hospital day. So here is a discription of what we do:

380-Health Assessment: Learn how to assess the body(has a lab 1x/wk every group has a different day)

360-Clinical Nursing: Learn techniques and equipment used in hospital (this is the one that has two clinical lab days until one turns into a hospital day)

370-Prof Development: Learn about the Prof of nursing(this class is for an hour and then you spit up into mentor groups for an hour)

350: Intergrated Science: Learn Pharmacology and Patho(this class is taught by two instructors they alternate)

Here's what my schedule looks like the lecture times are the same for the entire class. There are about 120-125 n the Junior class and we take all of the lectures together our lab times are different. Lectures for one class can be anywhere from 1-3 hours. Labs are 3 hours. The instructors post PP and tape the lectures and put them online which is awesome!!!


360,370,380 [9-3]


360,380(lab),350 [7-5]

Wednesday [1-3]



Hospital [7-1]


360 (Lab) [12-3]

Nursing school is a different way of studying. Its not just they give you information and you spit back to them on a test. Your are tested they way a nurse should think. You must study!!!! And stay on top of the studying!!! Buy a planner and sit down with the syllubus for each class and map out what you need to do for the entire semester. You must read before the class not after. Nursing school is a professional school not undergrad. Remember Emory is an awesome school!!! The staff is friendly and very willing to help but you have to do your part!! I hope this helps!! I hope to see you next fall!!!!!

Specializes in Med/Surg. ICU. Neuro. Hospice. Mother/Ba. Has 10 years experience.

THANKS lyneiwoodard.

I really appreciate your input and reply. I have always heard great things about the NHWSoN. While I was on dinner break a little bit ago I heard on the news (chnl 5) that the Bill Gates camp has donated 8 million to the NHWSoN. That is wonderful...

I attended the open house this October. Any unanswered questions I had were answered there. I am still checking OPUS several times a week to see if maybe I have been accepted.

Thanks again,



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your welcome!!! enjoy your holiday!! you may want to wait until around december because we are getting ready to head down the finals road and holiday season. yeah, the Gates foundation was awesome for doing that. The money is going to a research project that one of the profs is doing. she is working on births over in africa because 85% of them are being performed at home. Emory SON does awesome research. Most of the staff if not all are printed. The dean worked with the insitute of medicine on projects. so you get a wealth of knowledge from some very wonderful people when you are here. anyway let me know if you have an other questions but as far as getting in you just have to wait for that!!!


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Oh my I am so glad I found this thread!! I am putting the finishing touches on my Emory application now and I will submit it soon. I am so nervous and I really really hope I get in. Any suggestions or anything would be great. I will be a transfer student. I have done my prereqs at GPC. Any idea what kind of GPA they are looking for and how much they value experience? Thanks!


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Like I said before Emory does not base everything off of your GPA. They take a look at you as a total person and evaluate if you will be able to be a great Emory nurse. That's what I like about this school. They really evaluate if you will be a good nurse and not just if you can make an A in the class. Please don't get me wrong you want to make great grades but grades alone are not the qualifications that indicate if you can care for a person or not. Keep that in mind when you write your essay. Make sure you have someone check your easy. Make sure your essay represents who you are from the heart and from experiences. You don't want to write what you think they want to hear because they want to hear from the real you. Remember this school has been around for a long time and educated some of the best nurses in the world so they can read a paper and tell alot about a person. The Emory SON really values community based service. Service is very high on their list. Infact one of the project you do during the first semester of the Junior year is community based. Also the school does a lot of research to improve health care for the community. There are overseas projects that you can apply for. This year over Christmas break some students are going to Jamacia and the Bahamas to give care. In the spring some are going to Dominican Republic and in the summer there is a project where students work with farm workers which counts as class credit. I gave some advice in the initial thread but I will say this make sure you know your APA format for writting papers. They are very big on that when turning in papers as well as anything you must cite for. Other than that Pray and Wait to see what happens!!! If you have any other questions please ask!! If I don't respond right away we are heading towards the end of the semester and its crunch time!! Have a great holiday!! Hope to see you next year!!:up:


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Hi lyneiwoodard,

Thanks for all the information. Could you tell me what you believe they look for on the resume'? How long do you think the essay should be? Do you know if they look at science GPA as well? Do they look at how many courses you have taken each quarter/ semester? I am kind of nervous on completing the essay and submitting the resume'. I have not worked in a long time, but I will begin volunteering at a hospital in a few months. Do you have any suggestions on example essays or resumes to look at?

I also wanted to know how you like the program? Is it difficult managing all the courses? What are the tests like? Are you prepared for them? How are the professors? I'm so anxious to learn more, and I really appreciate any more information you have!

I'm also in Lynei's class (hey girl! lol) and I think with the resume, they're just wanting to know a little about your life experience. I think it helps them to choose a diverse group of students, but I don't think they're expecting you to have done something spectacular with your life already (but kudos to you if you have!). I don't think I would worry too much about the resume. (I OBVIOUSLY have no authority on the issue though :wink2:)

On the other hand, I do think the essay is VERY important, because it acts as a window into who you really are. You have to remember that we don't have interviews, so this is the only method they have to determining if you're a good fit for the program and its core values. If I remember correctly, the application gave a 2-page limit for the essay. My advice is to follow the essay guidelines (those questions serve as a great outline!) and just be open and honest about who you really are. I'm not sure about how the judge the other things (class load, science gpa, etc.), sorry.

As far as it program itself, I'm LOVING it so far. I will be honest, it is a little difficult at times and I think we all might have doubted ourselves once or twice, but you just remember why you chose Emory, and most importantly, why you chose nursing. Besides, we're like a little family so we have a great support system around us. As far as the tests -- It's different in each class. In our Health Assessment class, I feel like either you know the material or you don't. In Pharmacology, I feel like it's not enough to just know the information. You must also be able to APPLY that information to any situation, which tends to be a little more difficult. Then with Fundamentals, I feel like there are always 2 right answers, but it's up to you to choose the BEST answer. That can get a little frustrating! lol I really like the faculty/staff. Everyone is so genuine and they really want you to succeed. They also know you by name too (if you have never even said anything to them before), which is very comforting (and a little weird at the same time!).

Well, that's all the advice that I have at the moment, but maybe I'll have more to give in the Spring, when I've been here a little longer. :) Good luck with your application!



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Okay so let me see if I can answer this.

1. There is no magic esay. Your sending an essay to people that have read thousands of them. What makes the essay is your ability to let them get to know you through words. Also making sure you stay on point with what they ask you to write about. The application gives more specific details on that.

2. Yes they do look at your grades however, there are a million people running around with 4.0. When they look at you they look at the total person(just as a nurse should look at a total patient and not just the illness). You do need to do well in your science courses because knowing those helps alot in the program.

3. Your resume should be professional. Make sure you look for errors. Make it clean and to the point. It needs to tell about you without looking like an essay. Emory is big on community service like I mentioned in the post above. I am sure they do take that in to consideration but it may not be the end all in the decision making process.

5. As far as example resumes or essays you can look on line. However, once again the essay is asking about you. There are many examples of resumes online. Pick the one that is the best one for your needs. Have everything you send in checked before sending it in.

6. I love Emory's program and staff. Also if I can say so myself my current class is awesome. We are a great group of people with various backgrounds that make everyday in class pretty fun!!

7. Managing the courses is up to the individual person. The key is sitting down when you get your syllubus from each instructor and mapping out your entire semester in a planner. The planner helps you stay on track and staying on track is key. You cannot play catch up in this program because the big wheel keeps on turning. If you have families this is the time that you will need to discuss the dedication the program takes and how you will need help if you have children. Even if you don't you may need someone to drop off a meal every now and again. However, being organized is key to the program as well as being a nurse.

8. The test are not "I ask a question and you give me an answer" type test. That's for undergrade not a professional school. The test are set up in situation type questions. From that situation you must select the best answer. Normally there are always two just wrong answers but there are two right answers also. The question is which is most right? This is how you have to think as a nurse. There are several things you can do for a patient but what is going to give the patient the best possible outcome.

9. This is how I study. First I hear the lecture and take notes when I am in class. Next I go back and listen to the lecture again with the notes I took about 3 day before the test. Last I read over anything I dont' understand in one of my books and then look at my notes again. This means that I've heard every lecture twice and seen the notes atleast 4 times before the test. Also I use utube or youtube? It has great lectures, power points, and videos. What's most important is before I open any booklet or bubble any answer I pray!!!!!

10. I can't say enough about the Emory staff. Very nice,caring, honest, helpful, bright, respectful, and funny!!! They are a joy to learn from. They don't spoon feed you but will help you if you get set back. Also they offer so many options to help you from meeting with the instructor to private tutors. They give you every opportunity to pass. Remember the don't accept you if they do not think you can be a good nurse. They do their weeding out in the admission process. They don't wait until you come to the school.

The thing you want to focus on now is getting those items together that will help you get to where you want to be and that's at Emory!!! Be Well!!!!

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