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  1. Shiningstar05

    Is The PVT still working as of june 2013???

    I took my test Monday, 6/17/13...got 265 questions which took me 5.5 hours. I left crying uncontrollably and felt completely defeated. I was sick to my stomach. I did the PVT the next day and got the good pop up. This afternoon, I got my quick results and checked the board of nursing and I passed and have my RN license!! The PVT works! Good luck :)
  2. Shiningstar05

    Anyone applying to Emory Fall 2013

    Hi kitkats4breakfs, Every situation will not be the same for every person and every student's choice to attend Emory will not be the same. I apologize that your experience was not as great as mine or many of the other alumni. I admit that I was not dancing for joy when I received my financial aid package because I fall into the category of "not being poor enough" as you put it & Emory is not "cheap" at all. However, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart: I would not choose to attend any other nursing school if given a second opportunity. I say this for a host of reasons, but the most important for me was the quality of education, training, and networking opportunities. "Cheap" isn't always the best choice for everyone. Will I be getting paid the same amount of money as other new grads who graduated with a BSN? Probably.... Will I be getting paid more than a ADN- degree prepared RN? Absolutely. Will I have a higher chance of getting hired as a BSN-prepared RN? Absolutely. It was my personal decision upon research of what best fit the opportunities that I want, and the opportunities that I can have in the future. Best of luck! :)
  3. Shiningstar05

    Anyone applying to Emory Fall 2013

    meeep, when i was applying to nursing school, i had the same question because i have heard of so many people discuss these concerns. it was discouraging, but i felt that with emory, i could make connections and at least get my foot in the door. and that's exactly what i've been doing and what you have to do! jobs are not handed to new nurses so easily now-a- days. i've became close with 4 recent emory grads, and i know for certain that they have all been hired at children's, st. joseph's, northside, and one has an opportunity as a public health nurse in alaska. what i have seen is that there is a lot of competition when landing nursing positions with the fall of the economy, there are many people who are qualified, so.. sometimes you get landed an opportunity because of "who you know." thus, i feel the reputation of your nursing program can play a role of who you can meet and how you are chosen from a pool of other graduates. the more positive points when deciding if you will be a great asset to the hospital, the more likely you are of receiving the position. clinical rotations were also a deciding factor when i chose emory. you have many options and clinical experiences at excellent hospitals here. if a recent graduate at emory puts forth the effort to obtaining a nursing job (great interview, professionalism, resume' is done well, follow-up with the recruiter, great references or connections, etc), i don't think they have anything to worry about. i am confident that i will be hired as a new nurse upon graduation at emory next year. i hope that answers your question. i apologize is took me a little long to reply but i have 2 nurse externships this summer and school begins in 1 month. it's been kind of hectic but keep the questions coming :)
  4. Shiningstar05

    Anyone applying to Emory Fall 2013

    You both are very welcome! I had to reach out to my senior mentor periodically for the first semester because I had so many questions and so much anxiety when it came to those infamous NCLEX-styled exams and how to prepare. She was very accurate and gave me realistic expectations while still building my confidence. She would tell me what to expect from certain professors and classes, how to study for each class, and give me hints on whether the class notes/ power points, or reading the entire chapters were helpful or not. The program is not perfect and everything is not handed to you, but being prepared, working hard, and developing a strategy early on is very helpful. Having someone who has been through it, and simply tell you that they did it, and there is light at the end, can make a hard day not so bad. I would not change school's if given another opportunity because I know I'm receiving quality education, and I have already been given job opportunities because of my experiences and education at Emory.
  5. Shiningstar05

    Anyone applying to Emory Fall 2013

    ummnasim, Yes! Emory does a great job at helping students who need it the most, and giving students additional opportunities and resources to do well in the program. In the beginning of the year, you are set up with a senior mentor and a second mentor who is a staff member at the school of nursing. They will help you with any concerns you have, giving advice, and developing a plan to make sure you succeed. Additionally, there are tutors that are offered for every class. If there is anything you are not understanding in the classroom, you have more than one person to go to for help. For your more challenging classes, "recitation" is offered after the class if you choose to come. The professor will go over in a more smaller setting what she went over that day, and further clarifying the subject and answering your questions in greater detail. If you still need additional help or you are not doing well on exams, you are still not left behind! You will be set up with a professor to further analyze how to answer NCLEX-styled questions and what you may not be understanding. I have used these resources and it has helped many students in preparing for exams and ultimately doing well in the program. meeep, my clinical rotations have been very good. My first semester, I was placed at Emory University Hospital-Midtown, better known as Crawford Long. You begin Clinical after the first month or so in nursing school. You have to get your patient information the day before clinical and research his/her diagnosis, look up medications, and complete a plan of care. Your clinical day will be once a week for 6 hours the 1st semester. You will have 1 patient and paired with another nursing student. You get used to taking vital signs, checking blood glucose, hanging and spiking fluids, giving shots, administering medications, and giving your patient a bath & making a bed while someone is still in it. You learn a lot during the first semester. You might be placed with a more challenging clinical instructor with very high expectations or you may have a very down-to-earth one....either way, they are very experienced and you learn a lot from them. You are expected to be prepared but it is not a military style of nursing school. My second semester, I was placed at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta-Egleston for the first half of the semester and Northside Hospital the second half of the semester. We had clinical 1 day a week, 12 hour shift, and you could take on your patient by yourself if you like. If you are even more comfortable than that, you can take care of 2 patients by yourself. You have post conference after each clinical day and at this time, you go over your patients diagnosis, what you learned during your shift, and just talk about your experience. The students at Emory are very diverse and have very unique backgrounds. In our class, we have had people from the age of 21 to about 50. We had the most males ever during our class. There are a good amount of students who have children, married, already have degrees, and even one who has already earned her doctorate in another field. There was maybe about 12 that are from different countries. Majority are wonderful, caring, and very helpful towards each other. Also, Financial aid should cover living expenses! You are at the right place! Hopefully I see you all at the information session :)
  6. Shiningstar05

    Anyone applying to Emory Fall 2013

    I'm not sure what you mean by tutorial? There is an information session coming up on August 6th and open house November 3rd from 8AM-12PM for the graduate program. You can go to this link to register: Emory | Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing | Visit Us
  7. Shiningstar05

    Anyone applying to Emory Fall 2013

    Hi ummnasim! You're no bother at all. I love talking about my experience at Emory and would love to help out others as much as past alumni have helped me! The admissions people at Emory are wonderful in helping people get as much financial aid as possible. A lot of people who really need financial aid are typically happy with what they receive. Even if you come out with a small loan, an Emory nursing education is worth it. Once you complete your FAFSA, they will automatically set you up with grants, scholarships, etc that you will be eligible for. There are also additional opportunities that the financial aid counselor will inform you of, and others that you can research on your own like scholarships that hospitals provide. I wish I took advantage of this early on, but I am now! Hospitals like Northside have scholarship programs that will give you $10,000 a year for tuition, give you PAID nursing shadowing opportunities throughout nursing school (which is absolutely wonderful), and you are guaranteed a job as a RN upon graduation! It doesn't get any better than that! I know some of my classmates who have worked part-time. It is possible and dependent on the person. Just expect to be very busy and work very hard. I was very intimidated during my first semester of nursing school and I was focused on making all As, so working was out of the question for me. Some people have no choice and make it work, and that's OK too! Looking back, I wished I would have relaxed more and just enjoyed the ride instead of being the "perfect" nursing student. No one's perfect :) The class schedule the first semester is the busiest but will be something you will adapt to. Your schedule might look something like this: Monday: Health Assessment 8am-9:50am, Integrated Science 10am-11:50am, Service Learning Meeting 1pm-4:50pm Tuesday: Health Assessment Lab 7am-9:50am, Professional Development 10am-11:50am, Clinical Nursing 1pm-2:50pm Wednesday: Integrated Science 10am-11:50 am Thursday: 6 hours of clinical I suggest getting a planner, get your syllabi and schedules, & writing down everything so you can be on top of everything! Let me know if you have any other questions :)
  8. Shiningstar05

    Anyone applying to Emory Fall 2013

    Hi guys! I am a senior at Emory, in the BSN track with graduation in May of 2013. If you have any questions about anything, please don't hesitate to ask me. It's a great program!
  9. Shiningstar05

    First day of Nursing school..What should I expect?

    Hey Emory Jessica!! I am a new student at Emory! Tomorrow will be my 2nd week and I am a nervous wreck when I think about how to approach these classes, particularly Fundamentals, Health Assessment, and Integrated Science. Can you give any advice on how to do well in these classes and be prepared? I can't believe it will be one more week till we start our Clinicals either. I will be at EUH Midtown!
  10. Shiningstar05

    Emory Accepted Students Fall 2011

    Thank you so much! I'm glad I have more insight on what to look forward to...
  11. Shiningstar05

    Emory Accepted Students Fall 2011

    Thank you senior2012! I am getting nervous now that classes will begin in less than 2 weeks. I have a few questions and would greatly appreciate your advice. I am mainly concerned with how to manage my time in order to be prepared for each class (these books are HUGE ) Can you give advice on how you manage class time, clinicals, and study time? How many hours do you dedicate each day or week for studying and can you give a snippet of your schedule, and how you accomplish all your nursing school obligations without getting behind? Also, are we able to record the lectures? I know that nursing school tests are quite different, so can you give some input on how you prepare for these tests, assignments, lab checkoffs, etc...Do you use tools like the NCLEX review books? I hear that some students read all the chapters and books from cover to cover, complete the practice exams in the back, and read before attending lecture. Others listen to the lecture, take notes, review the PowerPoints, and use the books only as a reference and may attend study groups. What suggestions do you recommend to sufficiently learn all the information in a productive manner? Is there anything that you wish you would have knew before the start of the program, something you would change differently, or anything that you feel has contributed to surviving nursing school? I can't think of anything else on the top of my head...but I thank you so much in advance for your advice and time!
  12. Shiningstar05

    What color is your uniform?

    Navy blue top and bottoms!
  13. Shiningstar05

    Fall 2011, what's your schedule?

    Monday: Health Assessment Lecture 8:00AM -9:50AM Professional Development Lecture 10:00AM- 12:50PM Health Assessment Lab 2:00PM - 4:50PM Tuesday Integrated Science Lecture(Pathophysiology and Pharmacology) 10:00AM- 11:50AM Clinical Nursing Lecture (Fundamentals and Med Surg) 1:00PM- 2:50PM Wednesday Integrated Science Lecture 10:00AM- 11:50AM Clinical Nursing Lecture 1:00PM- 2:50PM Thursday Clinical Nursing Lab 7:00AM- 9:30AM (1st half of the semester lab, 2nd half will be switched to one 6 hour clinical day) Friday Clinical Nursing Lab 7:00 AM- 9:30 AM :) I'm excited but very nervous. My days will be very busy and I'm expecting it to be very challenging. Oh yea, I'm in a BSN program.
  14. Shiningstar05

    Best nursing school in GA?

    I completely agree with you, prettipoodle. That was an awesome plan. Congratulations on your new job as well! I have the opportunity to go to Emory without incurring any debt, and I think that it is very important to consider, especially with the current economy. With other nursing schools to choose from, Emory was my first choice to successfully reach all of my future professional endeavors in a timely manner.
  15. Shiningstar05

    The big D---Debt.

    Although it does not totally apply to nursing, I suggest people take a look at a documentary on YouTube called College Conspiracy by NIA. I don't agree with everything in the video, but it is very insightful on incurring college debt with our current economic crisis. A doctor is also interviewed in the video, and tells her story of the debt she incurred, and how she wants to help others not make the same mistake.