help anyone! i took my boards about 9 business days ago on july 28th. and i called the boards for registered nursing today to find out if my file was complete, and they told me that my results were mailed out today. i'm nervous. please if someone knows, let me know what type of envelope comes if you pass, and what type comes if you fail. is it a certain color or size? and also i'm nervous because on the boards website under department of consumer affairs, you can verify a permanent licensure, and i typed my name in, but it's saying no results found. i was told by a lady i spoke with at the boards, that your name does'nt appear under the website, until about 48 hours after your issued a permanent license. does anyone know if this is true.

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Each BON is different. Best you can do is wait for your results. Envelopes sizes can also change


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Did you check the BON website? My state posts the license 5 days BEFORE you get your license in the mail.

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If you are mentioning the Dept of Consumer Affairs, that means that you wrote the NCLEX-PN exam. And it is three weeks on average before the letters are sent out. You will not see your name on the website as the license has not been paid for as of yet. If you have passed the exam, you will have a bill inserted with your letter asking for payment of $125 before a license will be issued. CA does not charge each time for the license, only when one passes the exam.

Permanent licenses are not issued without them being paid for first.

CA uses the Board of Registered Nursing of the RN exam, they are handled by two very different offices.

Best of luck to you.

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