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Nov. 12, 2003

Even though both houses of Congress responded to your appeals by

voting to block President Bush's overtime pay cuts, the

president is refusing to withdraw his pay cuts and says he will

veto final legislation protecting overtime pay. Back-room

maneuvering by the Bush administration and House Republican

leaders has made it increasingly likely that the overtime pay

protections we won will not make it out of Congress this year.

Bush's Labor Department could put the overtime pay cuts into

effect as soon as January.

We still have a final chance to stop President Bush from taking

away overtime pay from some 8 million workers if we make our

voices heard. As many people as possible need to contact their

senators and U.S. representative and tell them not to come home

for the holidays without acting to protect overtime pay. Click

below to take action or keep reading for more information.


How did this outrageous betrayal happen? After both the Senate

and the House of Representatives passed measures to block

President Bush's overtime pay take-away, a hand-picked committee

of members of both of these bodies met behind closed doors to

hammer out differences between the two versions of the overtime

pay protections.

House Republican leaders--working with President Bush's

lobbyists--stacked the committee with legislators who support

Bush's overtime pay take-away. So despite congressional votes to

block President Bush's overtime pay take-away, millions of

America's workers are likely to lose it soon.

Please take one minute right now to send a message to your

senators and representative by clicking on the link below. Tell

them not to come home for the holidays without acting to protect

overtime pay.


It is increasingly clear that President Bush will not withdraw

his overtime pay take-away. That is why it is so important that

as many people as possible get involved before it is too late.

Please don't forget to spread the word. There are two ways to do

this: After you take action, forward this e-mail or part of it

to as many people as possible. Or click on the link below to

send a message to up to 10 of your friends, family members and



The sweeping changes in America's work life President Bush is

pushing will hurt millions of working families. Paychecks will

be smaller. Work hours will be longer. Job quality will be

worse. This is a sad moment in U.S. history--President Bush is

taking America back nearly 70 years.

Please take action and then spread the word. Thanks for all you


Hellllllo Nurse, BSN, RN

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I signed the petition and put up a link to it on my website.



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I know how you feel ExtraCrispy....about OT and BUSH. I know it hasn't all been his fault..but it's been just terrible since he's been in office....only thing I can really say I like is the stuff he did for income taxes. I'm just praying that Hillary will run for president....maybe we could get this country and the ecomony back on track. Bill couldn't keep it in his pants but he did a hell of alot for the US and I totally respect and support him for that.


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"I'm just praying that Hillary will run for president."

The Republican party prays for the same thing. Does that tell you anything?

Hellllllo Nurse, BSN, RN

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Yes, Bill sure was a great president.

I miss those days!


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This is one thing people will remember when they go into voting booth.

Hellllllo Nurse, BSN, RN

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Let's hope so, Oramar.

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