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Whats your least favorite type of patient to take care of in the ER..... Mine would have to be the drug over dose....had one on my last shift the treatment is pretty much the same What we normally... Read More

  1. by   lil'nurse
    I love the patient's that admit themselves voluntarily to psych for suicidal thoughts, and then refuse to take any meds, go to group, speak with the doctor because it's too early in the morning at 0900, and are rude to staff when they open the door while they are sleeping to do safety checks.
    Another favorite are the ones who tried to OD on 3 amoxicillin and 10 Ibuprofen, called an ambulance to take them to ER for the whole OD protocol, (did I mention they were drunk), and are pissed off when they wake up that they are under a emergency detention on the psych ward. They are usually in their eary 20's, seeking attention from S.O.
    Personality disorders suck, I'll take someone truly schizo any day.
  2. by   StephMSeattle
    I had alot of difficult patients when I worked for a Rehab facility here in Seattle... This one lady just irked me, though.

    Her husband was a psycho and so was she. She was trying to sue the facility and she made no apologies regarding that. She had already been kicked out of numerous other facilities due to her (and her husband's) behavior. You'd think that people would learn!

    She accused my male coworker of hitting her in order to garner sympathy and attention from her husband. She would threaten other residents and staff. She hit me one time and her husband said that it was my fault. She would repeatedly verbally and physically abuse CNAs. She and her husband would scream and yell about every facility policy they didn't agree with.

    Finally, we were able to rid ourselves of the beast! She became rather ill one morning and I sent her to the hospital. They admitted her and she stayed for 3 days. She refused a bed hold before she left due to the 160/day cost. WoooooooooHoo!

    It is unfortunate that the facility she currently resides at is the second job of one of the CNAs at my current place of employment. The CNA tells me that she hasn't changed a bit... SAD!
  3. by   imn2nursing
    Quote from z's playa
    How does he get the EMS to bring him in when they know what its for? Home care not an option? Does he make a cmplaint that can't be ignored to get his foot in the door? Maybe take that money the EMS spends by taking him in and get the fire department to go by once a week and hose him down ...

    ok ok.....that was mean but it really gets me mad to see people abuse the ER.
    You hit the nail on the head z's playa, that is my exact favorite patient too. I just want to know how they LIVE at home? Who wipes their butt at home?
  4. by   SaderNurse05
    [QUOTE=babynurselsa]Or how about a nice, combative, carbueratior cleaner ingesting, listerine drinking fella. Can get a buzz just off their breath. Whatever ya do don't take off their shoes......[/QUOTEI learned this the hard way. We had an extemely combative man who managed to get two lacerations IN the ER from flinging himself on the floor. Then he alternated between crying and yelling for about 6 hours. What a trip. I was working as a nurse tech and trying to provide total pt. care. I wemt to remove his shoes to check for pedal pulses, etc. It was winter and cold outside, especially if you were homeless. The RN about took my head off.
  5. by   vamclouky3
    As a transporter ,
    You come across all types but mostly the ones that are drunk, throwing up some or even cussing at the staff and here I come along to take this person to 2nd flr xray for a CT scan of his head. Full bolus on Vitamin pak, EKG done, VSSq30, U/A,C7 or spectrum, and whining cause they are hungy and knowing its an NPO order.
    And then it changes to a 1:1 by the afternoon he crashes and wants to kill everyone in the room -- i.e. security is nearby. Now the men who miss the urinal that is the funniest trying "REAL HARD" to assist standing up wobbling by the Stryker pee hitting the floor, patient curtin, shoes, pants, slurring loudly and flirting with me all at the same time while helping the ER staff make bio-collections.
    But I always recieve back the patients I cared for up on the units so I know them all by name now. I like helping down in ER because you learn alot more there than actually working on a Nursing unit. I seen ABGs being drawn, how to do H.L.'s, foleys by watching never really put one in a female/male patient though. :stone
    The one thing I want to do is go to Nursing School for LPN...yeah, yeah about the RN stuff its easier to move around than with an RN degree not as much school requirements but like the hands on with the patients. I care about my patients alot.


    Quote from snowfreeze
    Mine has to be the UTI obese female with 40 family members entourage along for the free ride. She expects food q1HR and they bring it and interrupt all aspects of the ER in the process. They ask for free bus passes, free lunch tickets, free parking passes even though they didn't drive you gather from the conversation. And she isn't in much pain, but is just a needy pain.
    People that work the system in general.
  6. by   michelleicu
    Quote from teeituptom
    I hate the 20 yp male who is so wimpy with the flu that every time he coughs he gets diarrhea, and poops on himself. Then he wants us to clean him because he is to sick. And his fiancee is going on and on with her poor baby, I love you.

    She needs to look at what he is and run like hello
    because he is such a whiny wimp
    yeah but see ,it was her fiancee,the love still smells good you know give her a year or two and see if his **** smells good to her then.also why do adults waste the er 's time with colds take some damn nyquil and go to sleep.I guess their just hungry for attention. :lol_hitti
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  7. by   Nurseinthemaking
    So anyhow, I think I have just changed my mind about ER. Homehealth is sounding better and better.

    I have just about peed all over myself laughing at some of your perdicaments.
  8. by   mommatrauma
    I hate anything abd pain related...pelvic exams, po contrast and CT scans...oh yeah...and middle aged men with the flu, and their "Intensive care voice"
  9. by   madwife2002
    The one's who take notes but smile to your face
  10. by   Kingbandit
    The ones I hate are th 10/10 migraine c photophobia and nausea who in triage is eating Doritos and drinking Coke. When called on must be assisted to the triage chair or requests a WC then sent back out to waiting back to laughing and eating/drinking. I know pain is what they say when they say it is. BUT come on I may be a new nurse but I already have an attitude towards this type. I know the true Migraine people are out there but they are the rare person.
  11. by   Cletus
    The ones that weigh 400+ lbs and are helpless, would someone please tell me who is shoveling the food to them? We had one in our ICU with a 5lb bag of M&M's hid in a fat crease. (And the doc couldn't figure out why her blood sugar was going up!)
  12. by   mdslabod
    The man who rushed his sleeping child in to the ER at 4 this morning because she had a fever then yelled discrimination because I triaged someone with chest pain first. :angryfire

    Some days you get the bear. Some days the bear gets you.
  13. by   Anna57
    My least favorite is definitely the "had this back pain for 4 years, just cant handle it anymore!" It is now 3am Sun Morning.

    Name droppers also get me, especially when I am in triage.

    My husband had back pain, Big man, in fetal position, crying back pain. Progressed to numbness in both feet before I would take him to our ER. We sat there for 2 hours (new nurse in triage that did not know me), charge nurse came walking by and said "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" told him, he said "why didnt you let us know you were here, we would have gotten you right back." Not my thing..... he had back pain for goodness sake!

    After XRay, MRI, 3 herniated disc. HMMMM.... maybe I should have let him come in a little sooner.