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    Originally posted by healingtouchRN
    I left the ER after & years & slid BACK into CCU where the patients usually come with an IV & a little notice! hahaha!:kiss Guess I been there & done that & back doing another thing I been there & done!
    Then you have it better than ER nurses who have patients arrive with NO IV and NO notice!
  2. by   Sarah, RNBScN
    I'm an ER nurse too. We service a large catchment area. Am on nights again tonight...last night was our "revolving drunk tank" door. Everytime our EMS went out on a call they brought us one in. It was a real rosey time.

    Love to exchange or share stories or information. You may pm me at anytime.
  3. by   NurseDianne
    Hey........I'm from Georgia and I work the ER.........so I get extra points right? Huh? yeah that's what I thought

    I work in a small hospital and work ER/L&D, and anywhere in between. I'm also the employee health nurse 2 days a week....and whew.........just started the bridge program last week. Thank goodness it's only one day a week!:roll
  4. by   a1suzique
    I think that we're just all too damned busy
  5. by   debbyed
    We opened our new ER a year ago this month. Oh yeah..census went up...But They just haven't been able to decide just exactly how many new staff we should have and what shifts they should work........Therefore we haven't gotten any yet!!!!

    It is nice however to work in a new CLEAN environment
  6. by   ton
    On The Vessel!
  7. by   JOY LEE
    I AM HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TIRED........BUT HERE!!!!!!!!!!
  8. by   RNFROG3
    Well here in Indiana tonight things are that word we don't use in the ED. I like it, I like it. It's not very good for paying the bills but it seems like no one pays their bill anyway soooo....
    JJFrog where did you pick up your screen name? Mine is Rn of course and a nickname from high school.(Plus I collect frogs-they are sooo cute)
  9. by   TinyNurse
    new grad doing 7p -7a
    in a local community hospital in Ohio.
  10. by   teeituptom
    Im either in the ER or on the golf course, where else
  11. by   orca1
    New Grad doing the 7PM-3:30AM shift in an ER in Santa Clara, California. Anyone else from California out there??

  12. by   wandernsoul
    I've been doing ER for quite a few years. What a cool job! I did burn out, though, a few years ago after there was a merger of two other hospitals in the city where I was working, and one ER closed. Guess what? Our census nearly doubled since many who went to the smaller place didn't want to go to the "big house". And yeah, you guessed it again, we had just "downsized" our staff. More patients, less staff. #$&%#@!! I took off several months, did some cool travel stuff, and now work as a travel ER nurse. Seems to work for me for now.
  13. by   VBMEDIC
    Hello all.
    I won't be starting nursing school until this fall, but ER/trauma is my goal. I've been a paramedic for 13 years and have to decided to finally become a part of the "Definative Health Care" that we rush to get our patients to within that golden hour.
    I am pretty new to this forum, but would like to make a request from all of you. I would love to have a "mentor", of sorts as I go through this new endeavor. Any hints, words of wisdom, etc... that you are willing to provide will be welcomed graciously. I know I have a lot of work ahead, but I think my EMS background will give me a leg up.
    If anyone out there is interested in keeping in touch with me as I do the nursing thing, please let me know.