When to use 911 - page 2

A hospice pt of mine called the on-call service for aid getting up out of his chair. When I arrived, it was quite obvious he had a Fx ankle ( very displaced) and a very swollen other ankle. He was... Read More

  1. by   911fltrn
    Call 911 because you have a headache for 2 hours and your to stupid to try motrin or tylenol. Call 911 cause you stubbed your toe 2 months ago and it still hurts. Call 911 because the waiting room is to full and you want to be seen faster. Call 911 cause the nurse wont give you a glass of water right after you threw up on her! Oh sorry these arent good reasons to call 911 but have seen them all happen and many more similiar ones. R.N. to medic please get them off the gurney and send them to triage. A good rule when to call 911 life threatening illness or injury or anytime your not sure its not life or limb threatening.
  2. by   LauraF, RN
    I might have called the direct line to the ambulance. Explain the situation. I live in a small community. They only have 4 ambulances. So you could explain it is not life threatening but does need to be treated ASAP. At the LTC I used to work at, we had a private number for them. It also depends on facilities too. We were never allowed to call 911 for hospice patients or DNR patients. Even if it were a case where they had fallen, and had an open gash needed stitches. We had to call the direct line. Check your policies. But it sounds like you did the best thing at the time. It is hard in that situation.
  3. by   sixes
    Good call. I had a very large lady stuck in the bath tub. No matter how hard we tried I couldn't get her out.
    We in the north don't have 911. So I called our local fire dept and they sent out EMS.
    We got the job done and I never put her in the tub without the assist chair again.
  4. by   prmenrs
    I would've called 911, too.
  5. by   AlaskanRN
    As an ER nurse and volunteer EMS I agree with calling 911.
    How else would you get a large man with one displaced ankle, and one swollen ankle down three flights of stairs?!?
    His being a hospice pt doesn't preclude him from emergency tx of a displaced fx.