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  1. by   trgrahek
    decapitation from a boating accident...
  2. by   Patient
    After reading this thread, my jaw is hanging to the floor. I'm amazed any ER nurse has any patience left for the snot-nose-kid and free-medical-care-seeking-parents that continually use the ER for non-emergent care. God bless you all!
  3. by   Altra
    Quote from trgrahek
    decapitation from a boating accident...
    Just kinda curious about this one ... decapitation is one of those "injuries inconsistent with life" ... can you elaborate on the circumstances that led to this one being brought to the ER, rather than called at the scene?
  4. by   porterwoman
    Quote from shaazzaamm34
    Here you Go I got a Bad One...

    I was interning down in the ER when I got a 32 yr old man who came in with a prolapse rectum...

    The surgeons had to put a colostomy in...

    2 weeks later he came back in with a prolapse colon...

    Apparently after we got the scoop... The man was a homosexual... His partner Screwed him so much his rectum prolapsed

    then after the surgery... His partner decided to use the colostomy site for his plessures...

    Now, THAT left me speechless....
  5. by   mlynn
    I wouldn't last one 8 hour shift in an ER. God bless you guys!
  6. by   Medic/Nurse
    Thankfully, most of time the shifts in the ED are uneventful.

    Still, when I look back over the past 15 years - the last 10 mostly in the ED, I know that of ALL the really BAD stuff I've seen...what I have "seen" in the ED (and some of it BAD) doesn't even break the TOP 50 of the BAD stuff I've seen in the field. Sorry.

    However, some of the other posts on this are pretty bad. I have taken a "time out" and can afford to do so...I really respect those that can keep going, without breaks, for years and years. I know my soul just started feeling too depleted and my husband concluded that I was filled with "rage" this past June...so I'm in a TV Time Out that may be more/less permanent.

    And, to one of the other posts that is "amazed" at how we deal with the snot-nose-kid and medical-card-abusers and remain at the bedside...yep, it is tough. But, if it feels good saying it...its probably gonna cost you your job! So we question the affordability of remaining silent. That's all...and it won't change patient behavior.

    God Bless you that continue, my prayers are with you all. (From EMS, to ER to the in-patient units that may continue the care for the lucky).
  7. by   Joe B1
    I've been at it for awhile but the things that have stuck with me the most are:

    19 yo male MVA arrest, one where the vehicle actually caught on fire. Burned so severely that he had escharotomies down his arms, legs and abdomen, though it really wasn't necessary from the knees down as there was nothing but charcoal stumps-needless to say he died.

    86 yo lady "cared for" at home by family, found laying in a puddle of feces and urine, nothing but skin and bones, clothes had to be removed in a whirlpool because if we tried to remove them, her skin came with them. Her family let that happen to her!

    2 month old anencephalic girl, cardiac arrest from one county over, didn't make it. the parents had brought her in several times for "more severe seizures that usual" so many times. They knew she never stood a chance at birth but loved her desperately and tried their hardest to keep her alive. They were inconsolable when we told them. I've seen lots of children die, but this one stood out.

    24 yo girl, husband had beaten her until she literally had no more than 4 square inches of skin in any one place without bruising in some stage of healing. Finally ran out of the house one night, naked in the middle of winter, got to the neighbors house a mile away. It's been 14 years and I've never forgotten her and how pitiful and grateful she was, and the rage I felt toward her husband.

    The list goes on and on and on.

  8. by   goats'r'us
    two words. Sophie Delezio.

    not a case i've seen, but the story of the toughest, bravest kid i've ever heard of.

    Back in December 2003, this little girl (aged 2) was napping at a childcare centre, when a driver had a seizure and his out-of-control car came crashing into the centre, trapping Sophie and 6 other kids. By the time she'd been freed, she'd suffered third-degree burns to 85% of her body. She lost an ear, her fingers, and her feet, and wasn't expected to survive.

    one year later, she was up and about on her new prosthetic legs, and everyone marvelled at her recovery, her bravery, and her beautiful smile. Everyone seemed to agree that Sophie was a miracle.

    She seemed unstoppable, and in January 2006, aged 5, she was enrolled at Balgowlah Heights Public School.

    On May 5, 2006 Sophie again made national headlines when she was badly injured in a road accident. While being pushed by her caregiver in a wheelchair with her service dog Tara by her side, across a pedestrian crossing near her home in Sydney's northern suburbs she was hit by a car, and thrown 18 metres, suffering a broken jaw and shoulder bone, bruising to her head, numerous rib fractures and a tear to her left lung.

    Again people wondered how she could ever survive such injuries, but again she pulled through, leaving hospital again on 7 June 06, and returning to school on July 20th.

    Throughout all of this, she's been the sunniest girl, taking things in her stride and being nothing short of a true hero.

    Sadly, news is now coming out that Sophie has bleeding in her brain following the second accident, which is making her tire easier and is affecting her concentration at school.
  9. by   tweety__9510
    Bless you all ER Nurses. I cant see myself working in ER especially if my patients are this kids. I easily get emotional when it comes to children. Maybe i gonna have a heart attack if i work in ER. I salute you guys, keep up the goodwork.
  10. by   Justhere
    3 month old brought by ambulance, looked like newborn premee (actually smaller I don't think cabbage patch premee cloths would fit) mother and dad both did drugs and she did drugs during pregnancy. Baby was born with enough of a brainstem to have organs functioning. Cleft palate and lip. The hospital it was at sent baby home to die and parents had signed all the papers for the baby to be a no code so that it could go home. When they called the ambulance and the paramedics showed up they told parents baby had a heart beat. Baby was pulseless and blue upon arrival. Daddy kept yelling at everyone to call the chopper and ship to larger hospital for children (didn't understand you can't ship a dead baby). We worked on that baby for 1 hr and 45 minutes, never got any sign of life.
    That was over 11 years ago I don't think I will ever forget that baby.
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  11. by   BSNtobe2009
    It's amazing how many people don't know that this is a possibility (a baby getting caught between a bed and the wall...sorry, I forgot to quote the OP)2. All of the beds in my parent's house are against a wall like that (it was built in 1918), and with my neices, and my daughter, the first day they could flip over was the last day they were in the bed by themselves, when they visited. After that they slept in a playpen and we "lufted" the bottom just a little only for naps and checked on them often.

    Dr. Michael Baden (whom I'm sure everyone is familiar with) said there is a 25% chance when sleeping with a baby that the baby will die as a result of a rollover death. There was one stupid woman who had not only lost her twins after coming home drunk and getting in bed with them, but she had lost two other children to the same stupid mistake.
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    Quote from nurserach
    Wow... these stories are just the tip of the iceburg I bet. You ER nurses never cease to amaze me. I know I could never work in an ER setting. Keep it up!!
    Yeah, threads like this are good for those of us considering Trauma. Boy, does it make you think.
  13. by   BSNtobe2009
    Quote from hjwdancer
    ++6 month old girl who was RAPED by her step dad.... ended up with a colostomy and cystectomy after incredible surgeries

    How do you deal with this and cases like this? Is this a high frequency happening? I feel rage and deep sorrow for this and other cases of abuse and maltreatment but how do you handle this?

    I have always wanted to be in the ER but I know I need to prepare for the horrors as well as the accidents and I would appreciate any advice you have for me.
    If you notice when you read the paper about these stories, they usually (not always, but usually) have two things in common:

    1. Alot of times the man who abuses the kid is "mom's boyfriend" and is not the baby's father.

    2. For some reason, social services doesn't remove the kids remaining in the home. Their reason? "The other kids are fine". I guess they want to wait for a repeat performance.

    As a single mother, especially since I have a daughter, I started dating again a few months ago, and I am not not not going to have my daughter grow up with a string of "mommy's boyfriends". I refuse to allow a guy to spend the night when my daughter is here, or get involved with her period, and won't until I get engaged.

    That may sound nutty, but I look at it this way: I set the example for her, and what I may choose for myself as a consenting adult and what I should expose a minor child to are not the same thing.

    I hear stories like these and that just reinforces my decision.