What do you like about your ER?

  1. I've read over and over on this forum what everyone hates about their ER. My question is; Do you like where you work and why? What things make it a good or great place to work?
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  3. by   Patient_Care_Asst
    I especially like the 175,000 + pt's that we see every year.

  4. by   Broombug
    I couldnt imagine working in any other dept. Who needs TV when you work in the ER? I definately like the people I work with.
  5. by   YellowFinchFan
    Quote from Patient_Care_Asst
    I especially like the 175,000 + pt's that we see every year.

    :spin: Thanks for the good laugh! :spin::spin:
  6. by   landrumt
    What I love about my ER is the teamwork between everyone. Granted some days are better than others, but I am confident I will never be alone in a tough situation. I also like the crew I work with, we understand that we are all different and feed off each others strengths.
  7. by   wizap
    Working with great people can make all the difference...and being there for one another! Knowing that you are part of a team where everyone is working for the welfare of the patient...that makes all the difference, in how you feel about yourself, your co-workers and your job.
  8. by   danielleRN76
    Teamwork, autonomy, you get to know the docs pretty well and variety!!
  9. by   bill4745
    I love the drug-seekers, violent drunks, people with sore toes for three weeks who complain about waiting an hour to be seen...........

    Seriously, I love my ER. It is never dull, I learn something new or solve a new problem every shift, I love my co-workers (I never have had such close relationships with co-workers before), I love the feeling that I can do a job that most people can't. It also helps that I work in a hospital with excellent salary, benefits, staffing, and working conditions.
  10. by   teeituptom
    I like everything there
  11. by   erinbethg
    I like being able to think for myself and do so much before a doc even looks at them. I love how fast my shifts go. I like working so close with doctors. I like the insanity...life is never boring.
  12. by   TooterIA
    I like that my ER manager has excellent resources for me when I have questions and doesnt mind being called at 2 am when I have something I cant figure out for myself. I love the team I work with. One gripe I do have that cant be fixed: when I see someone for a very nonemergent issue when they should have gone to the clinic and yet they have the attitude of entitlement. I hate that I have to constantly have the smile on my face in fear I may have a complaint against me if I act less than super sweet.
    But I love the ER!
  13. by   Lurksalot
    I like my ER. We have an amazing team of nurses, we always have each other's backs, our attendings are good (the residents are mostly...good), and we have good resources available. What I like the best is the way we self-assign patients.
  14. by   gonzo1
    I love my ER. Great group of caring staff and super teamwork. Doc's are nice. We do so much for the patients even before the doc sees them. The day goes by so fast, and everyonce in a while it is slow and we get to sit on our butts. Whoopee