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What verbage is used on signage in your waiting room to explain treatment by priority of triage level? Looking for good explanation with least words.... Read More

  1. by   fab4fan
    MINIMUM WAIT TIME is 2 hours for complaints regarding non-severed body parts.
  2. by   Sleepyeyes
    Originally posted by Flo1216
    I recently had an emergency appendectomy. I actually drove myself to the ER. The ER was pretty empty. I walk in, doubled over in pain and the unit clerk said, rather snottily, " Can I help you, "? I told her I was having severe abdominal pain. She actually ROLLED HER EYES at me and said to the security guard, " I TOLD you you shouldn't have opened the door, " Then said, as though I were bothering her said , " Follow me, " In spite of my pain I asked her if she would prefer that I leave, as I appeared to be disturbing her. She changed her tune real quick. Then she found out that I work for another hospital and started kissing my a*! I was then triaged for almost 2 hours where I simultaneouly puked and pooed and at one point almost passed out, to which nobody noticed. I never complained about the wait.I was never in so much pain in my entire life, yet I was treated like some kind of hypochondriac by this imbecile, who by the way is a senior in nursing school. I am sure she will have a great bedside manner. Anyway, I wound uphaving a ruptured appendix. My question is this: who makes the triage decision? Because I was only seen by the unit clerk before I was triaged. How does it usually work(I haven't doen my ER roatation yet)
    Wish I knew where that was, so I never brought myself or my family there....
  3. by   teeituptom
    Howdy Yall
    from deep in the heart of texas

    We love our signs that few if any read, The most important sign of course says " NUMBER 1 TEE BOX THIS WAY "
  4. by   AngelGirl

    An Ausralian nurse, frannybee, calls such woman, "Dying Swans"

    I love that title. I previously called them "Drama Queens" and secretly wish I could reassure them that they'd each be able to pick up an Oscar on their way out!
  5. by   Hidi74
    HEHE I love this thread!!!! MORE MORE!!!
  6. by   Chiaramonte
    "The louder you whine
    the longer you wait "

    I love that...I might do that in needlepoint
    and hang it in our waiting room, homey touch don't
    you think???
  7. by   10MG-IV
    I have just peed on myself from laughing soooo much...
    I have invented the menu method.,
    today could I interest you in an appetizer of toradol,
    maybe followed by a shot of Phenergan chased by
    a little stadol,
    unfortunately, we are fresh out of Dilaudid and Morphine today
    I can bore you with my christmas song,
    Ill be here for christmas
    you can count on me
    Have mor-phine, toradol, zofran
    and Dilaudid in my IV.

    The waiting room will find me
    every chair is full
    I'll be here for Christmas,
    putting up with every-one's bull.

    Yall are my best new fav friends.....
  8. by   TRAMA1RN
    Standard answers are, when patients call and ask if you are busy, of course we are busy even if we aren't. You can't be too sick if you are concerned with the length of wait time.

    Standard answer when patients call ER, I do not have anyone here by that name, if the patient wanted you to know they would have called you already.

    No I cannot give medical advice but a physician is available 24 hours a day and we would be happy to examine you if need be.
  9. by   rjflyn
    Its sad we even need signs- even the Federally mandated ones.

    To the poster with the ruptured appy- it doesn't take a rocket scientist to pick out
    someone who is SICK vs someone who thinks they are.

    I have been doing this long enough that 99% the time if you need to be in the back NOW your going to before I even take your vital signs.

    I too wish I could send the people who think the ED is McDonald's or Burger King packing out the door but alas we can't.