Vent: "I should warn you, I'm a tough stick..." - page 10

Seriously? If I had a dollar for every time I heard this and got it on the first stick, I'd be retired.:smokin:... Read More

  1. by   Esme12
    I always ask the addict....Where's your best vein. Trust me they know
  2. by   ByTheLake
    Every time someone tells me that I grin REALLY big and say "Oh, I just LOVE a challenge! Woot!" and dig in. I did that once to a young man "hard stick" and afterwards getting an 18g on the first try, I stood up, held out a flush straight ahead of me, and dropped it on the bed next to him like "you've been served" and he just busted out laughing. Doesn't bother me. Some people really ARE hard sticks, and sometimes the info they give me, like rolling veins, fragile skin, collapsing veins, lots of valves, etc. really is helpful to me. I'm blessed with big, juicy veins that you could hit with a garden hose.
  3. by   JBudd
    The other night I had an adult pt in who has had a lot of procedures, according to her and her mom. Mom sits there with a disapproving face on before I even sit down, tells me she has "shallow veins" and everyone "always goes too deep, and how it always takes a lot of sticks before anyone succeeds.

    I already had the tournequet on by then, veins are just fine. I looked up and said, "well, I really busy tonight, do you mind if I just do it on the first one?". Proceded to not only to place one but to draw labs at the same time. Since the tubes do take a few minutes to fill, mom who isn't even in line of sight decides I must still be digging around and says "she went too deep didn't she?".

    I just finished taping, held it all up and said, we're done, I'll be back with your meds in a minute. Mom later said what a good bedside manner I had.
  4. by   Kidrn911
    As an ER nurse myself, and also a tough stick, usually takes 4-5 tries each time. I warn everyone.
  5. by   wooh
    I'm impressed JBudd. Anyone that's good enough to taunt the IV Gods by saying they'll get it in one stick before they stick, and still get it?
  6. by   NO50FRANNY
    I was with a haematology patient on my last night shift and simply had to write this. Sometimes I get access on people and almost want to jump up and down and scream yay! when I get their line in because they really are difficult. This man, throughout his lifetime, has had Hodgkins' disease, Myelodysplasic syndrome, 2 bone marrow transplants, and is currently being treated for Non-Hodgkins lymphoma and has GVHD. He has a port-o-cath, but needs peripheral access x 2 and bloods for cultures, ugh! So, I access the port, one down. This man rightfully, is trying to tell me as pleasantly as he can, that I have no chance. After telling me all the usual stories, I ask him specifically what people say when they miss and take this on board. Just as I am getting ready he tells me, that the "ANAESTHETIST had five attempts last time, and he would do it more often than you". Oh crap I think, but tell him that I put in about 15 per shift. I'm still pretty confident about the one I am feeling on his right arm. In it goes, as well as one on the left. Even when they were in he wasn't convinced that they were working or that it was all over, had the gall to tell me I was lucky. To which I said "EXCUSE ME?" He giggled and said "no, no all skill, all skill...." I wore the vampire hat for the rest of the shift.
  7. by   JBudd
    Quote from wooh
    I'm impressed JBudd. Anyone that's good enough to taunt the IV Gods by saying they'll get it in one stick before they stick, and still get it?
    Yeah I know, but.... she was really bugging me. And I'd already seen some pretty good veins