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Has anyone tried an Ultrascope stethoscope? I'm finishing up my nursing pre-req's and plan on starting nursing school in the spring. I saw the Ultrascope at a job fair () and was wondering if... Read More

  1. by   TinyNurse
    Thanks for the info on stethoscopes "walking away".
    I used a basic one sided littman in school, and probably will continue to while starting my first nursing job.
    BUT, at the nursing store, I was looking at the ultrascopes. The sales lady put a triple folded sweatshirt material over my chest, and told me to "listen" I listened to my own heartbeat clear as a bell!
    I really couldn't believe the clairity even with that much clothes on.

    Littman it is,
  2. by   happystudent
    Originally posted by debbyed
    [B work in (ER) I tend to lose things frequently. (Another old age ailment????????????) [/B]
    Noooo not age... Im 28 and Ive lost my steth 4 times already! I forgot my sweater yesterday and my water bottle 3 days ago..sheesh