The crud you ER nurses put up with

  1. You guys have my kudos. I was in our ER yesturday (employee health made me) for having been bitten by a delerious patient. In the arm and it broke the skin, but didn't know it for 2 days because it was so red it just looked bruised. Anyhow, during the 3 hours I waited in fast track (on the clock leaving a understaffed rcovery room), I witnessed some horrid behaviour of patients. This evil mother of 3 babies all under 3 who was a frequent flyer(her kids were actually). The way she treated those kids(shut up, get over here!)made me sick. She was such a nasty thing. Her kids looked so neglected and had that "vacant" stare of neglect and abuse. She of course was loud and saying this is bull etc.. about the wait. I just wanted to call the social services then!!!!
    You guys take alot of crapola. Thank you!
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  3. by   grammyr
    We put up with this because every now and then there is the patient whose life you save and they come back and say thank you. That makes it all worth it.
  4. by   missionnurse
    As already stated, every now and again, someone realizes they would have lost their life or their loved one and appreciates us. Please don't forget what you saw and remember when you take a short and to the point report from a very busy ER RN.

    And thanks for the thanks.
  5. by   needsmore$
    The other day at triage there was a long wait in the WR.(as always) Family member brought in mom (50's) with chronic DDD-c/o exac. of her lower back pain.(freq. flyer) They were upset that she had to wait -the son (in his 20's) threw a wheelchair at my desk as he stormed out cursing.

    Why do I stay in the ED?

    Somedays, I make a difference.
  6. by   sharann
    Well, I was just saying thanks b/c I would have a hard time with all the garbage you have to wade through to get to the real emergencies.
    ps. what is DDD? Drunk drugged disaster?
    Thanks for doing what you do ER nurses
  7. by   2ndCareerRN
    They were upset that she had to wait -the son (in his 20's) threw a wheelchair at my desk as he stormed out cursing.
    Sounds like this young man needs a visit from the local police. Seems as though he didn't care whether he hit you or not.

    I would not hesitate to call the police, and then make sure management bars him from the facility unless he is a patient there.

  8. by   needsmore$
    DDD=Degenerative Disc Disease

    Security was called- and we do involve the local PD-
    (I hate testifying at these "disorderly conduct" cases)

    Triage can be a dangerous place to work-
    ( I'm tempted to bring a BIG GERMAN SHEPHERD to sit at the desk with me with the muzzle hanging off-)
    :chuckle Anne
  9. by   barefootlady
    The facility I always take my family to for emergencies has a really good security team. Signs are posted, if you misbehave, then they get to show you to the door, and local cops are there waiting for you. Charges will be filed, so it pays to be nice and not threaten the staff.
    I saw one security guy knock a family member out cold, he threatened a nurse, a very pregnant nurse and had his hand in the air, he woke up with a jaw problem and , no, he could not sue or anything else. The sign is posted, be approiate in behavior and manner to nurses/staff or whatever steps necessary will be taken to insure their safety and the safety of others.
    Needless to say, I love this place.
    Even psych patients know they cannot get away with as much bad behavior at this facility as they do at another one a few miles away.
    I think every ER should have policies like these. Maybe then the job would be a lot better instead of just a little better on the days ER nurses make a difference or save a person life. :angel2:
  10. by   jnette
    Gotta add my thanx to ER Nurses !

    No way could I /WOULD I do what you all do every day. I just couldn't deal with the attitudes and the demanding, whiney, selfish public. I'm afraid if someone threw a wheelchair at me, I'd be over that desk like a deer over a fence and would be have my foot on his goozle 'til he turned blue in the face ! :angryfire !

    Barefoot.. sounds like you've got a good policy in place there. Good for you !
  11. by   grammyr
    I am sure that any one who has worked the ER for any length of time has been threatened, slapped at or hit. We have a direct line to the PD and I never hesitate to use it and all I have to say is "I need some help out here" and the next thing I know there are more cops than patients and employees swarming around.
  12. by   TinyNurse
    Thanks for being a (nurse/patient) that understands.
    oh and i was bitten once in the ER............ promise it won't happen again due to my arm position. haha