orientaton for experienced nurses

  1. Just wandering if anyone out here would be comfortable with 2 week orientation in a busy ER. This be for experienced nurses.
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  3. by   floridaRN38
    No. I wouldn't be comfortable. I am at a 80

    Bed ER Trauma center. We give experienced nurse 4 weeks

    But a lot of other ER only do two to three weeks
  4. by   docomo
    is there a such thing as a "not busy ER"? take the two weeks, if you don't feel ready, don't be afraid to ask for two more weeks...
  5. by   Kidrn911
    Quote from docomo
    is there a such thing as a "not busy ER"?

  6. by   mybrowneyedgirl
    I work level 1 where experienced nurses get 6 weeks. 2 weeks is way too short (and 6 is a bit long)
  7. by   Marshall1
    Think it would depend on the nurse..
  8. by   ChristineN
    Quote from Marshall1
    Think it would depend on the nurse..
    I agree, and their background would depend. Is it similar to the type of ER you came from? Are you cofortable with the pts seen there, including if they get traumas, STEMI's, or peds?
  9. by   Kidrn911
    Well I have done level 1 peds trauma for 6 years. This hospital is a community hospital trying to get a level 3 adult trauma recognition. I havent worked much with adults. Just your occasional drunk,homeless, or college student that found thier way in a childrens hospital. So I am lacking stemi experience although I have been ACLS/ TNCC certified for 10 years.

    I did agree to a 4 week orientation, 2 week is too short, 6 being too long.
  10. by   Altra
    For someone without work experience with adults, including the geriatric population that is likely to make up a large percentage of ED patients in a community hospital, 4 weeks seems a little light. Our new experienced ED nurses get 8 weeks, experienced nurses new to the ED get 12 weeks.

    Don't be afraid to ask for more time if you need it. Let us know how it goes!