Medical Reconciliation Forms

  1. Sorry, I don't know how to edit the title - I meant MEDICATION RECONCILIATION forms.

    How are you all handling these forms? Do you have to fill them out on all patients that come through your ED, or do you only fill them out on admits? I have seen it handled both ways at different facilities and was wondering what the majority here do.
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  3. by   Altra
    I know from previous discussions that you'll get a variety of answers.

    We do it only for admissions. Our EDIS nursing documentation will not allow you to complete your documentation or fax report to the floor unless you fill in the med reconciliation. However, we only list what we know for sure. "Blood pressure medicine" gets entered just like that. I've heard of others who have to jump through unbelievable hoops, calling pharmacies & such to track down accurate info. We don't.
  4. by   Spidey's mom
    We just started this in our ER and we do them on all patients and have to track everything down by calling pharmacies, etc.

    I hate it - I understand the need for it but I'd love it if we had one designated person, not the ER nurse, to do it. I'm busy enough with the paperwork and the patient as it is.

  5. by   fledrn
    We also recently started this process in our ED. And, yes, we do them on ALL of the patients. We start them in the triage process... my biggest pet peeve about it is that the patients with nicely printed out forms and even the MARS from the nursing homes have to be hand written on our forms....seems to me that this could lead to increasing med errors. What will JAHCO think of next?!!
  6. by   nuangel1
    we do them on all ed admits we call family drs pharmacies etc .a real pain
  7. by   morte
    wouldnt you need a signed permission form to fax to pharm to get the info, R/T hipaa?....and it seems what ever the patient provides should be the end of the conversation......and thanks for that little tidbit on the forms from LTC having to be recopied, maybe that is why some of the local hosp.
    require it to be written out on the W10? would seem, however that recopying defeats the stated purpose of accuracy....i think someone needs to research that one a little
  8. by   Bikechicky
    Med reconciliation done on admits only, by the admit nurse (not ED) You need time to obtain as accurate a list as possible, this can not be done adequately in the ED.
  9. by   EmerNurse
    We do ours starting with triage - and yep, I write "that little white water pill" if that's all the patient knows.

    If they have a nicely written list, or a list from a nh, I still have to write it all on the form. I DO copy their personal nicely written list and stamp it and put it in the chart - want to make sure no one comes back later saying I made it up!

    I understand the need for the recon forms, but I sure do hate 'em. Like I have nothing else to do.

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