Looking for a good Diagnostic Lab results book...

  1. Good Morning all:

    I know there are a plethora of lab results books floating out there in the book stores; my question however is this:

    In your personal and professional opinion which Diagnostic and Lab result book has helped you the most?

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  3. by   Esme12
    For an Emergency application? Is this for knowing labs results, normals and criticals?
  4. by   JuLeSx7d7
    Actually, any generalized application: ER, CCU, Med/Surg...

    Just looking for lab summaries and values; CBC, Cardiac markers, Hepatic function panels, etc...

    Typically a nursing diagnostic manual will have many labs, explanations, and results not specific to any one specialty. I've just found so many on the internet and from search sites that I simply would like to find a good quality one that nurses use on a regular basis.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  5. by   thelema13
    I know it's not a book, but MDezLabs is a great app for the ipod/iphone, has every lab test imaginable, plus possible reasons for increases/decreases.
  6. by   Robublind
    Quote from thelema13
    I know it's not a book, but MDezLabs is a great app for the ipod/iphone, has every lab test imaginable, plus possible reasons for increases/decreases.
    I like this one too. The best book is the one have in my pocket, not the one in my locker or at home.
  7. by   brainkandy87
    There are several great pocketbooks of critical care and/or emergency nursing that contain lab values, ACLS algorithms, RSI, rhythm interpretation, etc. Just search Amazon for nursing pocket guide. I'm a second generation Porter's user, but there are quite a few good ones around.
  8. by   IndyElmer
    I also am looking for suggestions for a lab/diagontic manual.

    Our program lists Cavanaugh's Nurse's Manual of Laboratory & Diagnostic Tests (or any similar lab & diagnostic manual) as required. Because I've had about a 50% success rate with agreeing with my instructors about which title I prefer when we're given a choice of several titles, I'm always curious to hear which titles others prefer when it comes to a particular type of books (drug guide, careplans, or in this case, lab & diagnostic manual). I don't think this text requirement is intended to be an "on-the-go" or "quick reference" and is geared perhaps more toward helping us with careplans.

    We are not allowed to have digital devices (even camera free) for clinical, but I can use them for reference during lecture, lab and away from school, so I'm interested in recommendations (and reasons for your recommendation) for all formats -

    * Manual / Guide similar to the suggested text. One alternate that was suggested as Mosby's Manual of Laboratory & Diagnostic Tests

    * Quick reference tools (such as LabNotes or perhaps even others less comprehensive? I'm already starting my own handy mini-reference sheet, but am always interested if there are other quick references that folks would highly recommend)

    * Electronic resources
    like those already mentioned by other posters

    At this point, I'm particularly interested in getting a few suggestions for the textbook, but would welcome comments or suggestions on all three. Thanks in advance!