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    I hear that St. Anthony's is one of the better places to work as well as UCH and Denver Health. But as far as I know DH pays the best (excluding benefits of course).
  2. UCH Pharm and Tele new hire exam

    Does any body have any experience with this exam? I'm curious to know if it's super difficult or tricky. HR mentioned that potential hires only have two changes to pass. Those with any info please help a fellow nurse out! Gracias!
  3. Is it at least 25/hr??? Their website does not say the payscale anywhere. I'm applying from out of state
  4. turn around time for job in Denver

    Hey all! About how long from when you initially submit an application does it take to receive a job offer? With and without experience? (Is is more for personal research purposes) Thanks!
  5. Job market for experienced nurses in Denver area?

    Hey mveldma3! Just out of curiosity, do you know how many experienced ICU nurses applied for that very same position with Centura? Just want to get a feel for the new grad : experienced nurse ratio in that area. Thanks!
  6. Good morning everyone! I recently decided to pull the trigger and move from Houston to Denver come this May 2013. I've had this dream of mine for the last 10 years now (yep, 10 long years...) I've come across some old post, mainly in 2010 and later, ...
  7. Do you have to be tough to work in ED?

    I caught this post as I was searching for something else, LoL!! I've been in emergency medicine for the greater part of my adult career. EMT -> Medic -> RN. (and even though I don't have the 30-99 years + in ER like some people on here) I can v...
  8. Grand Junction Hosptials

    I am currently an ED RN in Houston. Looking to move to a much more smaller and community area of the country. All the posts that I have searched in are of 3 or 4 years ago. Is there anything new about GJ hospitals or places for experienced nurses to ...
  9. Hey all! Just got an opportunity to move back home to Miami, FL. I've lived there as a child but never as a working professional adult (let alone RN) I'm an ED RN with over 4 years exp, CEN cert, and all the other CPR and ENA stuff that goes with it....
  10. Looking for a good Diagnostic Lab results book...

    Actually, any generalized application: ER, CCU, Med/Surg... Just looking for lab summaries and values; CBC, Cardiac markers, Hepatic function panels, etc... Typically a nursing diagnostic manual will have many labs, explanations, and results not spec...
  11. Good Morning all: I know there are a plethora of lab results books floating out there in the book stores; my question however is this: In your personal and professional opinion which Diagnostic and Lab result book has helped you the most? Thanks!
  12. ER Book Reviews

    An ER mentor would be the best way to go But as far as books Sheehy has been around for a while. I would also add to the TNCC, ENPC, etc. credentials. Basically get an ENA membership and start taking webinars to boost your ER knowledge. Unfortunatel...
  13. problem with sleeping at night

    Actually yes, I do have a few tips ( of course these are not full proof and if they don't work you can't sue me...hehehe!) Take it from a person who has worked ONLY 12 night shifts for the past 11 years... If you work 3 days in a row then on the last...
  14. What is your favorite specialty and why?

    ER!!! Because it rocks my socks!
  15. Turnover rate in Houston Metro Hospitals

    no specifically to the medical center but over all hospitals inside and outside of the loop. I not really looking to distinguish between Trauma centers and non trauma centers. Mainly a general overview of how any particular hospital treats their nurs...