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Heres an idea. once you learn something new regarding ER medicine, post it here. it will become a nice discussion and we can all learn something. post something that you think most ER rns wont... Read More

  1. by   Monica RN,BSN
    Quote from zenman
    Nope, 3-5pm is the time that ki is the strongest in the Bladder meridian. One of the psychological aspects of this meridian is anxiety/fear.
    What is ki???
  2. by   Monica RN,BSN
    Quote from yvonnemuse
    This is very very bad of me but I am helpless to control Myself:The reason panic attacks are so great these hours is that the kids are home at 3 and DH is home at 430 and I have to start shift at 1900!
    SO funny you said that.. I also thought about kids and hubby.. (causing MY anxiety)
  3. by   Monica RN,BSN
    Quote from stretch thin
    Ok, I've got a question. I had this 24yr old female come in last night. She is 5mths pregnant(>20weeks gestation) and she drank carbarator fluid. She has a know history of self mutilation, amphetamine abuse, huffing paint and drinking carbarator fluid in the past. Question is: Isn't this considered child abuse? Especially now she >20wk gestation. It's a viable pregnancy, correct? Any input on this would be great. We had a 2 1/2 mth old infant that we coded last night 2 to child abuse. I would like to prevent that from happening with this situation. Thanks
    Oh so very sad indeed.. I know the world is made of all types, but This I may never understand

    I am not sure but I think a viable fetus is 24 weeks or greater.
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  4. by   Monica RN,BSN
    Quote from KRVRN
    You choose the male option if the woman has had a hysterectomy.
    why is that?
  5. by   Monica RN,BSN
    Quote from Compassionate_Nurse
    dolls eyes move in the oppisite direction the head is turned and indicated neuro damage unless the pt is a newborn. same as the bibinski reflex.
    Humm.. opposite direction the head is turned? I think it might be that the eyes stay fixed looking straight ahead and do not go from side to side

    someone correct me if I am wrong (please)
  6. by   Monica RN,BSN
    Quote from jaimealmostRN
    Dolls' eyes (oculocephalic response) is:

    1. Normal reaction = eyes move in direction OPPOSITE to head movement when head is turned.

    2. Abnormal reaction (brain stem problems) = eyes remain in fixed position in skull when head is turned.

    This is from pg. 1909 of "Med-Surg Nursing: Clinical Mng't for Positive Outcomes" by Black, Hawks, Keene. 6th ed.

    This should only be done on unconscious pts without spinal injuries. But use of succs (or other neuromuscular drugs) or Meniere's disease can cause an absense of oculocephalic response.
    OK.. EXCELLENT explanation.. THANKS
  7. by   FlyingScot
    I'll bite.

    What drug should you assess your male chest pain for BEFORE giving Nitro?


    What is a "Horny Bull" and why is it a problem?
  8. by   Monica RN,BSN
    Quote from flyingscot
    i'll bite.

    what drug should you assess your male chest pain for before giving nitro?
    i am guessing viagra because it is a vasodilator just as nitro is...

    what is a "horny bull" and why is it a problem?
    hummm... problem? we ain't got "no problom mon.." would love to know the answer though
  9. by   FlyingScot
    Yep...Viagra it is and for the hypotension reason. Good to know since ED and MI are more prevalent in a certain age group.

    No takers on the "Horny Bull"?

    Okay. A "Horny Bull" is Viagra with a Red Bull chaser that seems to be the party choice for our local teen males. Problem with it is it causes severe priapism and most kids don't know that if "it" don't go away they are on the fast track to impotence. The other issue is that the Viagra can again cause hypotension and when the kid sees the giant needle heading for his most precious part they often try to run, vasovagal and then we have to had head injury to the list of problems.:smackingf
  10. by   Altra
    Quote from FlyingScot
    What is a "Horny Bull" and why is it a problem?
    I knew this.

    I hate that I knew this ... :smackingf
  11. by   alkaleidi
    Quote from RN92
    FYI: Did you know that if you need the height of a patient( for instance, bedbound pts that cant stand), you have pt stretch arms out to side. The distance from fingertips (from left and right) is same as pts height. Try it on yourself.
    I remember back in grade school doing an exercise like this... we all measured our armspan and our height. However, it will only give you an estimated height, as there are different proportions of people:

    Height = Armspan --> "perfect square"

    Height > Armspan --> "tall rectangle"

    Height < Armspan --> "short rectangle"

    So only a handful of people will actually be "perfect squares" -- but that IS a good alternative when a patient is unable to stand upright... and probably just as accurate as attempting to measure someone's height lying in bed. (And definitely a great way to estimate the height of a bilateral aka/bka!)
  12. by   lupin
    I might have an answer for the strep and appy presentation question.
    Could it be that untreated strep has migrated to a vessel or an organ in the abdomen much like it will migrate to the cells of the heart and cause rheumatic fever? Strep likes certain kinds of cells and that's why you need to treat it before it moves.
    And for the answer to the anxiety level at 3-5pm, Could that be because of rush hour? Everyone's in traffic, no one's moving, it's hot, your ac won't work and the kids are screaming in the back seat. Kind of like how MI's supposedly take place on Monday due to monday am stress and most babies C-sectioned are on Tuesdays so the doctor can sleep in on Mondays(or he's one of the people having an MI).
    Now, you have a patient having a suspected MI, they are stabilized and you are waiting to send them to the floor. You've given them MONA but their BP is still high. What would you give them (looking for a specific drug here) and why? More than just "cuz it lowers the bp" of course.:uhoh21:
  13. by   lcraigbsn
    HEy what happened? i was reading all the entries... and they stopped in 2007...
    I am a new ED nurse....med surg experience 3 years. I am excited but scared. loved this thread...please keep it coming.:bowingpur