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Can someone give me a link to a website that tells me what drugs I can give IV? I'm mainly interested in drugs for conscious sedation. Some of my co-workers tell me that we can't give some of the... Read More

  1. by   BabyJCRNA
    Quote from Larry77
    ...For conscious sedation we use one of three methods: Etomidate/Succs, Ketamine (usually for peds), or Fentanyl/Versed.

    Surely you jest about the first combination of medications for conscious sedation....God help us if you are serious.
  2. by   lauralassie
    In ohio we can't give any anesthesia drug IV.
  3. by   louloubell1
    Quote from Larry77
    We commonly administer propofol but not for concious sedation for maintenence sedation after RSI. For conscious sedation we use one of three methods: Etomidate/Succs, Ketamine (usually for peds), or Fentanyl/Versed. Personally I try to talk the docs into Etomidate every time...is my all time favorite drug...such a quick recovery and a smooth procedure (always have RT at bedside )
    The definition of conscious sedation is a pharmacologically induced depressed level of consciousness in which the patient maintains cardiopulmonary stability without externally provided support and in which the patient remains able to respond purposefully to light tactile or verbal stimulation. If you are administering a freakin paralytic (which since you are not a CRNA, I'll clue you in: SUCCINYLCHOLINE IS A PARALYTIC) you really, really need to brush up on drugs appropriate for procedural sedation, and even the basic definition of procedural sedation. That's one of the most ridiculous things I've read in weeks.....
  4. by   traumaRUs
    In IL, our nurse practice act is up for renewal this year. One of the biggies is the administration of Propofol for conscious sedation in the ER. Yes, in our ER, RN's could not administer propofol because it was against hospital policy. (Hospital policy can be more restrictive than state law). We also did not give IV Haldol. However, we did give ketamine (always keep the little ones in a dark, quiet room when they wake up - it lessens the nightmares.) It is individual.

    This thread points to a very important piece of advice - know your state practice act and your hospital policy.
  5. by   Larry77
    LOL...sorry guys didn't mean to stick Succs in there...I guess I shouldn't respond to threads after work when I get home at 0230...
  6. by   NicoleRN07
    The only drug we don't push for conscious sedation is Etomidate. I push it for RSI, but when it is used for a conscious sedation, the MD pushes it. Etomidate is awesome for conscious sedation....much less paperwork and time. The doc gives it.....the procedure is completed....the patient wakes up fully......all in 15 minutes tops (if all goes well)
  7. by   BamaFlightRN
    Most states have a list of drugs that arent supposed to be administered by the RN. I know here in Alabama there are limitations, particulary with Propofol, Fentanyl, and paralytics. Nurses CANNOT push propofol, we can hang drips on ventilated patients for "ICU sedation". Nurses also cannot administer paralytics to a nonventilated patient..ie RSI...if you have a doubt, check with your board of nursing.
  8. by   mmutk
    We used to give propofol IV in the ER, until the unit complained that they were ***blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda*** and now it's our house policy we can't give it IV push or bolus on a pump.