How long is it ok to wait to be seen for ear infection?

  1. Hey, guys, my teenager started c/o last HS of increasing pressure in his ear. I looked and it is inflamed, looks like an ear infection. Today he states he cannot hear very well out of that ear and it looks like there is a scant amount of light yellow exudate and he states the pressure feels like "my ear is going to explode." BTW, he also has hx sinus infections, so might account for increased pressure, as well.
    I have so far given him Motrin, Mucinex, he is taking Zyrtec for allergies. I feel like it might be ok to wait till Monday to see the ped doc. However, his c/o is a valid one and I would hate to wait to take him in if it needs to be seen (a few years ago, one of my sons fell & we waited till Monday to see the pdoc and then found he had a fx...I felt just awful).
    I HATE going to the ER if not necessary. I don't usually mess w/peds, so really would like input from those of you that do. Any thoughts from the experts out there? Please?
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    Per the Terms of Service, we are not allowed to give medical advice on this site. Best to consult with your physician.
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    Can't give you medical/nursing advice.
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