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  1. by   hogan4736
    we used to use inapsine 5-10 mg IM, usually in the deltiod, for combative, spitting patients...30 minutes, they are out!!
  2. by   athomas91
    Inapsine.... wonderful med.... actually it was all a money issue - there were very - very -very few deaths and they were very - very loosely related to inapsine - it's competitor drug co... though used it as a chance to get it off the market - so they could make some money again.... shame really.
  3. by   traumaRUs
    Haldol is difficult to give IV since it MUST be given over a one minute time frame - quite a long time to adequately hold down a combative patient - not to mention - how did you get the IV in the first place. Nurses don't need to be sticking moving targets - much easier to give IM.
  4. by   athomas91
    sq haldol works quickly as well.
  5. by   Y2KRN
    I say bring on the vit. H IV preferred!!! However any route will do!!

  6. by   NYCRN16
    we can give Haldol IV, but we dont put IV's in our psych patients unless there is a clear medical need for them so we usually give them 5 mg Haldol and 2 mg Ativan IM in order to knock them out if they are agitated/combative. If a medical patient gets agitated they usually have an IV anyway, and we usually just give them the Ativan first. On our vials of Haldol it says for IM or IV use.
  7. by   berry
    even the most combative pt can be held long enough to stick, then an "elephant gun" Haldol 5mg, ativan 2mg, benedryl 50mg then they are sleeping like a baby IM just take so much longer to start working, the one IM i do like to use is geodon 20 mg takes about 15 to take effect but damn it will chill out anybody we have the only inpt pysch floor around so i see plenty of crazies coming in
  8. by   Dave ARNP
    I order Haldol IV quite a bit for a psyc patients. Actually, in our area the Halivan combo is quite popular so this is what I usually order. 5 of Haldol and 2 of Ativan has calmed down every psyc patient I've ever had to deal with in the ER. Also, I had a MRDD Individual who went AWOL in my office and after calling the impatient psyc at the hospital, Halivan given IM was found to work really well to. But it didn't get the feces that was flung on the walls off

  9. by   athomas91
    i have used a great cocktail in the past.... one of my fav doc's loves it... it is called 911
    9mg haldol
    1mg cogentin
    1mg ativan

    im - works wonders....
  10. by   hogan4736

    My favorite has always been Valium 10 mg IV w/ (in the same syringe) Benadryl 50 mg...

    Or droperidol 10 mg deep IM...

  11. by   Rena RN 2003
    ooohh, gotta love those B52 cocktails

    benadryl 50
    haldol 5
    ativan 2
  12. by   austin heart
    Yup, good ole Vitamin H can be given IV!
  13. by   ScarlettRN
    LOL, You call it a B52. We called it the Memorial Triple. Our ER doc did an unofficial study and called it his BACC pain protocol (belly achers & chronic complainers). Actually, the Triple was Benedryl 25, Haldol 2 and Ativan 2. I guess for the purpose of belly achers, you don't need to give as much. Anyway, the findings of his study were that pain was 99% cured without narcs. Amazing, huh?