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I took care of a guy once who had an injury to the third toe and complete amputation of the fourth toe. When asked how this injury occurred......"I was using my twelve gauge shot gun to kill moles in... Read More

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    Quote from Ruby Vee
    A friend of mine was doing his first night of internship on an ER rotation in Kansas. There was a thunderstorm that night -- thunder and lightning lighting up the sky! He was at the reception desk of the ER, staring at the rain through the sliding glass doors. A lightning bolt lit up the parking lot, and he saw an incredibly macbre sight! A man came walking through the rain, carrying a limp, unconscious woman. But the truly bizarre thing was he appeared to have a hatchet protruding from his skull.

    Yup! The guy got all likkered up and decided to try his hatchet-throwing skills by throwing at a target affixed to a cement wall in his basement. The hatchet hit the wall, bounced back, and embedded the sharp edge in the guy's skull. Frightened, he went upstairs to get his wife to drive him to the ER. She took one look at him and passed out. So he picked her up and put her in his pick-up truck to drive her to the ER.

    Seems that the hatchet went right between the two lobes. It was successful removed and the guy was discharged without any discernable brain damage. (And ADDITIONAL brain damage!)
    Yes...but how was the wife?!!!?
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    here is one i saw on the internet, took me a few days to find the story and picture.

    ... statistics show that archery is safer than baseball, football, and even soccer, ...

    october, 2001 - two brothers, ron and brian, were hunting deer. as ron shot his bow, he bumped his brother, causing brian to swivel as he was shooting and his arrow hit ron in the back of his head. the arrow penetrated ron's skull and pierced his brain. the fact that the brothers were standing close together prevented the accident from being worse. ron remained conscious and was calming brian down, who was shaken by the incident, as they walked from the woods. surgeons spent three hours removing the arrow.

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    Not an "injury" so much as a precarious situation, but a young woman admitted with a (standard) "LIGHT BULB" (unbroken) inserted in her cooch.
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    Kind of a sad story...We had a guy recently admitted to ICU...he and his wife were hugging, they lost their balance and she fell on him...he sadly ruptured his spleen, had to be emergently taken to the hospital via ambulance, go to emergency surgery and had a very rough post op course...truthfully, I don't even know if he made it...regardless, he had a rough, rough night....
    take home message....don't fall on your husband while hugging!! Can you imagine the guilt???
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    Quote from michaelssss
    about 10 years ago my wife and i were getting a bit frisky in the kitchen and we were both naked. she grabbed for my special purpose and by pure reflexes i jumped away and caught my scrotum - that's right - scrotum, on a kitchen cabinet and tore a small hole in it. well, thinking i would never have any more children, i called the er and told the nurse what had happened. i could tell she was trying no to laugh and told me there was nothing she could do unless i came in. so i did. after a few pokes and prods i was sent home with nothing more than a bandage. a small bandage at that. needless to say once my wife reported my er trip to the relatives i got all kinds of testicular jokes! but, everything's fine now. the boys healed well.

    :uhoh21: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhh, ahhhhh!!! whoo! did it hurt?? rofl!!
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    Had a 50 something man come in after thinking that the vacuum might be pleasant to use "you know where." Unfortunately, he didn't use the hose of the shop-vac, thought there would be better suction if he was closer to the motor. He's not half the man he used to be. Wound up somehow being picked up by national news service!! (yes, ETOH was involved)
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    Once again, stupidity/ETOH = job security!
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    I live in a resort area and one evening I got a call from an elderly lady telling me she was bringing in her husband that had a fish hook in his "sac". Well I wasn't just sure if I heard correctly, but I told her to bring him right in. It turned out that the elderly gentelman did indeed have a fish hook in his scrotum. It seems that his grandson had laid his fish hook down on the drivers seat of the boat while his grandfather was standing helping his other grandchild land a fish. The man then sat down on his seat. The doctor and I had a difficult time not laughing and the poor gentleman was terribly embarrased.
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    Quote from Snowy
    A nominee for "funniest" injury...

    women came in with cc of nipple pain. Turns out she decided to get her nipples pierced for her 65th birthday. Considering the age and nature of the complaint, everyone thought it was quite amusing

    That does not bring an attractive image to mind!
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    We were riding some ATV's in Cancun Mexico - My daughters fell off the path - the one on the back ended up getting a burn with her calf caught between the tire and fender (thank God she didn't break her leg)...She now has a perm tatoo with the word "suzuki" on her calf. It's funny now - it wasn't @ the time.
  11. by   Dr. Scully
    [/B]Hello, everyone...funny stories for sure!! I started out working med-surg and urology, and see just about everything. I had a patient similar to DNRme; he was "vacuming" the house while his wifewas at the store. He just attached the suction hose to his "member" and thought he'd get some jollies. Well, too much suction, and he ended up in ER, and on our floor. He had major abrasions and some nerve damage from that one! ha! Another one was when we admitted the young sexy dancer in the ER. He worked for a club for women who want to watch men dance. He had gotten too hot on stage, and passed out. When the EMTs brought him in, we all noticed the gigantic "bulge" underneath those leather pants. MY oh my! Of course, we had to examine him, and take off his clothing. Attached to his crotch area by duct tape was a very large "zucchini"....!!! When he finally woke up and was able to talk; he was totally embarrassed by the zucchini lying on his bedside table!!
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    Quote from Stitchie
    Once again, stupidity/ETOH = job security!
    So true So true

    I work in a level one trauma center in Ohio Here are my top three:

    3) Deer hunter falls from Tree stand only injury is torn scrotum and bruised ego from buddies who had to carry him out of the woods.

    2) 4 drunks with 8 missing fingers amongst them. Hedge needed trimmed so they lifted the mower

    And #1) :hatparty: Man who was smoking crack in an abandoned house when he heard sirens so he jumped out of the second story window only to bust both ankles and in time to see the cops speed past chasing a speeder. He layed there another 6 hours until found.

    ETOH + Stupidity = Job security and many great stories
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