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  1. MAXtheWonderDog

    URGENT, All DFW area Healthcare workers

    Yes there is a way to get a copy, due to the fact that they are "posing" as a credit agency, they are under the regulations of the "Fair Credit Reporting Act" and have to send you 1 FREE copy of anything they have on you when you send a written request to them. Try these sites, www.gp1.com , www.dfwhc.org , www.dfwhhrc.org .
  2. MAXtheWonderDog

    Seeking Information

    Also check out www.dfwhc.org/dfwhhra.htm , . . . .evil bastards they be.
  3. MAXtheWonderDog

    URGENT, All DFW area Healthcare workers

    here's a link, www.dfwhc.org , go to the human resources section, find GROUP ONE, read the fine print about the information they compile and trade.
  4. MAXtheWonderDog

    Funniest injury you have ever seen.....

    Not an "injury" so much as a precarious situation, but a young woman admitted with a (standard) "LIGHT BULB" (unbroken) inserted in her cooch.
  5. MAXtheWonderDog

    Excelsior Pass Rate?

    Prior to starting the program I had approx. 16 years of healthcare experience and am quite confident of my knowledge and abilities, I went through all the modules quickly and then I was failed ( I do not believe "I" failed so much as I "was failed" ) by examiners all three times, each time for reasons that were excelsiors liability in delivering the exam inconsistantly and not in compliance with the exam parameters. Did I protest/appeal, you bet. Did it matter, no. And for the record, every time I took the CPNE, MOST of the others students testing during the same time were failed as well. I encourage everyone considering EXCELSIOR to seriously reconsider a traditional school program. Because as I can attest, you can go through the entire program without difficulty and have all your time and monotary envestment thrown away at the end, without any recoarse.
  6. MAXtheWonderDog

    Excelsior Pass Rate?

    Consider myself one of those ^^^^^ Excelsior is shady
  7. MAXtheWonderDog

    Catagory one.. employment control or ?

    Yes, it's real, go to www.dfwhc.org or www.dfwhhra.com