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What is your ERs policy on unresponsive patients. In the last 3 weeks we have had female patients being brought in unresponsive from local bars and a couple of times the people who came with them... Read More

  1. by   TazziRN
    We do not call the police in alcohol- or drug-related cases because we don't want people to be afraid to come in for help. There are times when I have felt they needed to be called and I was told I couldn't, that it was against ER policy.
  2. by   Altra
    Quote from gonzo1
    traumarus, we are going to start notifying the police when these cases come in. I like your idea about asking for info. You're right, if "friends" can't answer simple questions they probably shouldn't be allowed in room. Especially if intoxicated like this guy was.
    Thanks to everyone for the helpful hints. We are going to start using every idea listed so far. Still looking for more if anyone else has some ideas.
    Just want to make sure all bases are covered and the safest care provided for our patients.
    Just to be clear ... you're going to be calling the police for every drunk that fell off the barstool, every college kid that drank until he/she passed out, and anyone else who used what ever combination of drugs was available?

    Here, we'd be tying up significant police manpower from midnight to 4am just about every night ... Don't think it would fly here.
  3. by   gonzo1
    Thanks for all the info. All great ideas to take into consideration. You're right about tying up the police. Fortunately we don't get that many unresponsive patients, it is a fairly rare thing for us. And we don't want to do anything that would scare people that need help away. We have had more than one stabbing victim and gunshots victims dropped at the door. It would be sad if people were afraid to at least do that much.