ER Patients - page 3

I NEED TO VENT!!! Why do patients come to the ER at 12am in the morning with C/P that has been happening for 3 days. They get the initial workup, hooked up to the monitor, lab draws, cxr,... Read More

  1. by   EmerNurse
    Argh I'm going in for some cheap entertainment tonite and .. .did you ever just have that feeling before you go in, that you just KNOW you're gonna be in triage? LOL Got that feeling right now.

    Cyas in the AM - do you think we should contact SNL or Mad TV to come shadow us for a shift? Just think of the material they'd get! Bah HIPAA, I forgot.

  2. by   justme1972
    I have a question...when it comes to parents, refusing to give Tylonal, and being negligent in getting a prescription what point should the hospital call it neglect and call Social Services?

    I'm not saying the child needed to be taken away, but I know if I got a call from Social Services, I would probably take that as a wake-up call that I was doing something seriously wrong.