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After circling the drain with compassion fatigue, I stumbled upon this article that was published in the ACEP: read it and tell me you don't feel proud! Guest Editorial ACEP News September... Read More

  1. by   bbrned
    Does anyone have an inspirational letter, note, poem about a physician? Would like to use for doctor's day.
  2. by   nitenurse911
    an eloquent piece that made me proud, especially coming from an ERMD; we don't get that kind of feedback everday or decade for that matter. It would be nice if our MD's acknowledged what we do- the last comment I overheard was that we were too well paid for what we do. This person thought that since nurses were paid by the hour and MD's by the patient, we were content to "sit on" the same pt's for hours because there was no "incentive" to move them. (What alternate universe he lives in I don't know) Yes, I work with some who are "minimalists" but the majority bust their humps to keep the flow going and I would be happy to be paid by the number and acuity of those I see as I pride myself on a good turnover and push to get my pt's upstairs where they will be more comfortable out of the chaos we call our workplace.
    This is an MD I would LOVE to work for- he should be cloned!!!!!!!!!
  3. by   haitham abo majed
    very good
  4. by   RedERRN
  5. by   TraumaLovinGoofball
    I am a new ED Nurse and somedays I spend the whole ride home tearful and wondering ."What did I forget to do tonight?" This was really great to read, thanks for posting it.

    -Cristin, Massachusetts
  6. by   nghtfltguy
    what an outstanding article!!
    makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!!
  7. by   gigi4ever30
    inspired by this article. Well written. I have also forward to all fellow er nurses. I am a new er nurse and find this job fufilling and a great privilege.
  8. by   ernurse1993
    Pretty much sums up what ER nurses really do in a days time!
  9. by   8great
    wow, after one of the worst days in th ER, thinking about mind says go, but my heart won't let go,
    .........are those folks really out there that care about what we do?
    is this what burned out is, or is this just what beat up is about?
  10. by   MOOSEMAN
    excellent article, we need more like him
  11. by   rn46
    Quote from shill
    "wow.. what an article to find. it's great! it fits the er nurses to a t!"
    i salute dr. baehren!
    i love the article and what a very creative and truthful use of pics to convey the message.
  12. by   stayseerrn
    Thank you so much for posting this. It is nice to know that there are people who appreciate all of the long hours we put in each and every shift! This post was just in time for Nurses' Week.
  13. by   olol765
    WOW... almost makes me want to be an ER nurse... almost...