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majadu specializes in ER, ICU, PACU, ACT, Forensic Nursing.

I have 2 grown sons, 1 lovely granddaughter and keep very busy with work and school.

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  1. majadu

    I'm stressed...someone help!

    Banner Health is a Health Care system, like HCA, Tenet etc. However, they have facilities in AZ, Co, Ca, AK as far as I know. My friend works for them and can go anywhere in the system as a traveler. Insurance, housing, travel expense etc. She told me to check our Bannerhealth.com. Good Luck
  2. majadu

    I'm stressed...someone help!

    Try Banner Health for Az, I understand they are paying well for travel nursing using their own agency. I have a friend who tells me they are paying more per hour and have good housing benefits. It can't hurt to ask.
  3. majadu

    Forensic Nursing - Is it for You?

    I finished the Kaplan Program. They encourage you to ride with the police, work with the coroner. Remember your education is what you make of it no matter where you attend. I learned a ton of information that I use daily from the Kaplan program.
  4. majadu

    Forensic Nursing - Is it for You?

    Yes! Forensic nursing provides a specialized education for all nurses who are interested. I have a story to share; I was working as a travel nurse in the ER of a community hospital. I was assigned to the trauma rooms. I received a call, that I would be receiving a 18 mo M who had fallen off the counter to a tiled floor. When the patient arrived I requested Child Protective Services immediately, based on information I had learned in my Forensic certification classes. The Dr. tried to intervene, and I stood my ground. Police had cleared the scene, and the medics felt the scene was as stated. I saw something else. Not only did this kid have the acute skull fracture (which he could have sustained in the fall), however he had other injuries, older, various stages of healing. THe parents stated the bruising on his leg was a birthmark, the Dr. agreed that it could be. However, CPS came, the child had full body x-rays which provided us with proof. This child had multiple long bone fractures, a previous skull fracture and an old facial fracture. If I had not been forensically trained I may have taken the word of the police, the medics and the DR. Thank you God , for providing me with the education that led the police to the perpetrator (Grandma), and saved this child from further injuries.
  5. majadu

    Forensic Nursing - Is it for You?

    Frank, I am a certified forensic nurse. I obtained my certification through Kaplan College. The classes are on line, it took about 1 year and I have been able to utilize the information in my ER practice. I also know that there are great Medical Examiners in your area. I am originally from Michigan. I know that some of the counties use DME's that are Nurses and Paramedic who have been certified and attended conferences. You might contact John Maino in Jackson County for further information. I believe Jackson County uses forensic pathologists from the Grand Rapids area. It is worth looking into, I moved out of state a few years ago, so things may have changed. Good Luck.
  6. majadu

    People From Florida?

    Fort Myers:nuke: . Where are you?
  7. majadu

    Hey ER, what takes so long???

    RE: Hey ER, what takes so long??? I would be interested to know what other studies the pt had. Sometimes we wait for the lab results, x-ray, or other ancillary testing, then the ER Doc has to contact the admitting physician, and/or Consutling physicians, who by the way may not call back until they are done with office hours, dinner, golf or whatever). Remember, when the pt hits the door, ER nurses start the line, draw the labs and in some facilities we order per protocols to initiate the tx. I have had results back before the ER doc has even seen the patient. The other consideration is many times the patient gets a "million" dollor work up to help accomodate the admitting Dr. It all depends on the facility. Sorry for the inconvience, I just wish everyone, medics, Dr's., ancillary departments and receiving nurses realized the team does not begin or end at the ER doorway. Thanks!
  8. majadu

    Press Gainey AARRGGHH

    You hit the nail on the head! Every time we respond to the demands we create a bigger problem. We are encouraging bad behavior on the part of our patients and families. Now they walk in the doors and say they are hungry, "Can I have a box lunch!"
  9. majadu

    Press Gainey AARRGGHH

    OK, This is crazy!
  10. majadu

    Press Gainey AARRGGHH

    Suzi, That sounds like a script from a hospital I worked at in Jksn, Mi. Are you there?
  11. majadu

    Forced Blood Draw? (DUI situation)

    I traveled for 5 years and have experienced many styles of forced blood draws. In one southern California town I worked we had the clearance chairs. It was not unusual to have 4 or 5 individuals handcuffed to the chairs with a police escort. It you were assigned to that area, the police presented a warrent, opened the kit, handed you the equipment, the blood tubes and even the dressing. They then testified in court as well., I have also worked in Michigan, Florida and Arizona someplaces the officers come with a warrent, and other places phlebotomy obtains the specimens. It is very different whereever you go.
  12. majadu

    Family/ Visitors in the ER

    Dorito, There are a number of articles that reflect this information. I was on staff in Michigan when the first documented family visitor was allowed in the resuscitation room. He was a State Trooper that was shot while making a routine traffic stop. We all knew him and many of us had met his wife. We had the pastor in the room and allowed her in during the resuscitation attempt. It was hard on the staff, however, it was very healing for her and she followed him to the OR, with the hospital chaplin at her side while she waited. He died, There is an article regarding that experience that was published in the New Yorker, 4/3/2006, Vol. 82 Issue 7, p 34-39. Also check out this article: Family Presence During Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Invasive Procedures: Practices of Critical Care and Emergency Nurses. It was published in the American Journal of Critical Care, May 2003, Volume 12 No3
  13. majadu

    ER Nurses. Read This!

    Thanks for sharing. As a seasoned ER nurse I know the feeling.

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