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what things do you carry inside your pockets usually? some must haves that you can't work without? pls share :)... Read More

  1. by   am17sg05
    i usually have alcohol swabs,black and red pen,scissors,2x2 gauze,carpujet,tourniquet,tape,iv catheters gauge 20 and 22(2 each),10 ml bottle of NS.
  2. by   teeituptom
    I like a portable coffee cup holder
  3. by   JessicRN
    Lets see in my pocket is Large scissors,clamp,a penlight,safety glasses, magnifying glass card (to embarassed to admit I need reading glases) and extra paper. The stethescope is on my neck and my special drug book (a book I made myself) is nearby.The computer is also available for calculations and info as needed
  4. by   swartzrn
    I used to carry alot more things in my pockets than I do now. I got tired of lugging everything around. Now I usually have a pair of hemostats in there or clipped somewhere, a couple of black pens, maybe a couple of alcohol pads, a little sticky note pad, a couple of dollars, I try to keep my trauma scissors in my back pocket. I have ER Suite loaded on my Ipaq and love it! I have found it interesting reading some of the other programs you guys like. Julie
  5. by   erdaynurse
    • 3-4 black pens (in case the "pen thieves" attack - haha)
    • alcohol swabs
    • small note pad
    • cash ($1 bills and quarters especially for vending machines)
    Other Stuff:
    • Stethescope around neck (used to clip to side, but it kept getting hung up on things!)
    • Hemastats with tape and trauma scissors secured to bottom of scrub top
    • In my bag I keep at the nurse's station: chapstick, extra pens, pencils, calendar, ER Nurse Pocket Notes, hairbrush, ponytail holders, snacks, cell phone, extra cash, and snacks.
    • In my locker: complete change of street clothes and scrubs, toothbrush, toothpaste, non-perishable food items, and a bunch of other junk!
  6. by   ICRN2008
    Quote from maryloufu
    How do you clip your stethoscope to your waist- I get tired of carrying it around my neck- but I can't lay it down- It might walk off.
    They sell clips on for around $5.
  7. by   JMBM
    I agree with swartzRN, as the years go by, I carry less and less. Of course, our rooms all have supply carts, so stuff is close at hand, usually. I'm down to 2 pens, a few alcohol wipes, a carpujet, a tiny drug guide and trauma shears. If I'm thinking when I come in, I'll tuck in a ziplock with a couple bucks for the coffee cart. I usually have a small daypack at the nursing station with a few personal items, spare pens and a bigger drug book (in case the one in the med room develops legs.)
  8. by   angel337
    i absolutely must have scissors....the big ones that we use in trauma situations to cut clothes off. and a calculator and pen.
  9. by   Jen2
    In Nurse scrub pocket:

    -Bottle of NTG
    -at least 3 black pens
    -alcohol wipes
    -pair of gloves (ya never know)
    -a teeny tiny calculatoe that I got from Staples

    Personal scrub pocket:
    -Chap stick
    -Five Dollar bill

    Stethescope goes around my neck. Attatched to the bottom of my scrub top I clamp a pair of stats with a role of tape and then thread my trauma shears through the tape (this is the thing that I cannot live without, next to extra pens).
  10. by   UKRNinUSA
    Aerosol Ativan -a Must Have For Calming Down Anxious Pts And Relatives (if Only!)
  11. by   spiritdancer
    1 pen (if I have more than one at a time, one gets lost), trauma scissors, name stamper, 2-3 #20 angiocaths (pre-filled flushes and IV set-ups are in each room) and micropore tape on my stethescope.
  12. by   zaleah
    Pen behind my ear, stethescope looped in my ties for my scrubs, hemostats on my thigh with tape and a tourniquit, and my trauma shears tuck int he waist band of my scrubs on the left side. (I can't stand anything around my neck)
    I even reach for the shears at home when someone needs scissors or behind my ear for the pen......LOL
    I do not carry other stuff in my pockets--lost too much stuff. I know where the resources are for drugs and procedures.
  13. by   ERnurse1139
    There are stethoscope waist band clips (arround $5) that you can purchase through nursing scrub catalogs like Jasco. I love the idea but I didn't have any luck with mine, the stethoscope kept falling off of it-- I was a new nurse, trying to have all the right stuff to be stylish, cool and efficient, and there I was dropping my stethoscope on the floor all the time. What a dork! I eventually lost the $150 Littman stethoscope due to it falling off and me not noticing it. Needless to say I'll never use that little contraption again.