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  1. Hi all,

    I had a question. I plan on taking a job offer in the ER when I graduate in May 2002 (yes, i job hunted early). How do I go about getting certified? Are classes offered by the hospital normally? How long do i wait before I try for certification?

    ANY input would be great.

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  3. by   CraigB-RN
    YOu can take the CEN exam as soon as you have your license. You can study on your own, some hospitals have programs as part of their orientations. I wouldn't worry about it untill you have a job. As a new grad the cert won't make any difference.
  4. by   janine3&5
    I just started in the ER as a new grad. I'm required to have my ACLS within one year of hire, and the hospital "strongly recommends" having CEN certification within two years in the ER.
    I'm going to get my ACLS as soon as its offered again, but I'll probably wait for about a year to get more experience before I try for the CEN.
  5. by   debbyed
    As both a new grad and a new ER nurse I think you should concentrate on taking ACLS, than PALS, TNCC and TNPC. Give yourself a year or two before you attempt the CEN which is as much about experience and decision making as it is about book learning.

    Good luck to you
  6. by   CEN35
    i did acls 2 months after hire, pals 6 months after hire, micn, 12 months after hire, and tncc 12 months after hire, and cen 18 months after hire. that is a lot of crapola to get done before 1 year i think for you two. i say whatever you everything except cen, and save it for last. you will benefit from the others first!
  7. by   ERnursie
    i took ACLS right out of school(it was difficult but possible). I worked in ICU after college for 3 years and am in the ER now for 1.5 years. I still am waiting to take the CEN until next year. I know of some people who got their CEN immediatly out of school, not all employers are giving out incentive to have it. Having ACLS helped the most. Good luck!!
  8. by   CEN35
    you are right not everybody pays incentive for it. those that about $300 a year costs $230, and you need ceu's or retake it after the 4th year. is it enough incentive????? hell nooooooooo!!!!!!!! it's a resume thing.........that's it imo
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  9. by   BrandyBSN
    Thanks for the input. I did find out that the hospital will pay for the certification classes and the CEN. Atleast it is not coming out of pocket

  10. by   CEN35
    thats good for you! when i took it, they said they would pay for it if i passed (i was told this in november). then going into the next year, they changed and said for budget reasons, they will only pay for the "required" certifications.
    now they say.........your getting reimbursed 25 cents an hour for it. figure it out........bettter to let it lapse and take it over, then get the ceu's needed to keep it up. it cost's way more to get the ceu's......but since i have 70 already i'll try to get the rest. :d
  11. by   NurseyK
    I strongly echo the other replies to your quiery. The CEN is about experience - NOT booksmarts. Do your time, see all you can, soak it all in, take ACLS, PALS, NALS, ENPC, TNCC....then worry about your CEN a few years down the road. As a green nurse (no offense, I was there once too) , the saying goes, "you don't know what you don't know yet." The best thing you can do for yourself is get a great preceptor/mentor and an excellent orientation, stick your nose into as much as you can, stay curious and motivated, and don't rush yourself to make some unattainable "time-table" -- it's a set-up for early burn-out.

    Most of all, enjoy your experiences in the ER. I wish you well in your (upcoming) career choice.