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Hello all, I am in my last semester of school and narrowing down my options after graduation. I loved the time I have spent in the ER. I know it is a very stressfull, busy place and is quite... Read More

  1. by   babynurselsa
    Love it some times....hate it sometimes........bored NEVER.
  2. by   gonzo1
    I love my ER job. As crazy and chaotic as it is it makes perfect sense to me. Don't think I could ever go back to floor nursing. The venting and ******** you see here is what keeps us sane and coping, with others who understand.
  3. by   cari rn
    HI All,
    I am totally new here! Anyhow, I worked Peds Emerg for a while and LOVED LOVED LOVED it. I found my passion for nursing when I was there. We've since moved cities, and after 2 babies I am ready to go back to work. I have a job interview on Thursday for a regular old adult Emerg Department, and am excited about the prospects. Why do I love Emerg? I love the madness, the teamwork, the not-knowing-what's-coming-through-the-door-in-the-next-minute kind of stuff. I'm with one of the other posters - floor nursing to me is a bit like root canals - necessary, but painful. I'm all for Emerg!
  4. by   lunabellevoix
    In a perfect world, all ER pt's would actually be EMERGENCIES - then I'd never leave ER. The non-emergents, drug-seekers, non-paying-wants-everything-for-free, whiner types are the kind that make me want to quit. I can deal with ****** and rude patients quite easily IF they are really sick.
  5. by   HRM672
    I really appreciate all of the responses. I am applying for ER positions now and keeping my fingers crossed.
  6. by   fsmtg
    ER nursing can be very rewarding.. totally demanding...full of ups and down. It really takes a special person to survice for a long period of time in an ER. often nurses burn out quickley. but those who it.
  7. by   SargeRN
    As has been said, GREAT days and not so great days! Great patients and not so great patients. Before I went into nursing I was a US Army flight medic(for a year before I retired), worked the streets as a volunteer EMT-Intermediate then as a paid EMT-Intermediate. Then into nursing. Worked OR, really like that but the call back hours were killing me. Then ER for 3 years, took a break and "expanded my knowledge base" for another 3 years in the ICU. Went back to the ER because as a night RN I was the only "experienced" ER nurse on shift, other than the ER staff and was floated to ER some weeks more than I worked ICU!
    Finally and the most complelling reason, Emergency Medicine gets into your blood and just DOESN'T GO AWAY! Just about ever ER nurse that I've ever known that has left the ER ends up coming back cause they "miss it!'

    I was a soldier*I am a soldier*I will always be a soldier
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  8. by   debizrn
    ER Nurses Rock yes we can get burnt out after having 3 shifts with trauma or code one after another...but get 3 days off and we are back on our feet... I wouldn't work anywhere else. We see people at their worse and make a difference..... we are a needed entity and I know I hold my head high as I go into and out of work because I do make a difference...... As far as stress yes at times but so is driving in snow its how you look at it and what your personal goals are.
  9. by   scrmblr
    I love ER. I feel really lucky to have landed a job in my little ED. I love the way you get to keep pt's for (generally) no more then 6 hours. I love the fact that I don't have to watch the clock for med pass times. I love the way I feel after a long hard day...When I look back and say "hey that was a great cath lab time" or "sooo glad I got rid of the ff in less then 1hour"

    Best place to work!