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I am the unit coordinator for an emergency dept which staffs all rn. we see over 42,000 patients yearly and we are working on certification for level 2 trauma center. my administration is... Read More

  1. by   rosky
    I for one am very thankful to have paramedics and EMT's working with me anytime in the ER. I have been an ER nurse for 20 years, and the medics enhance our staff. We staff our ER with all RN's, but when we are scheduled short due to lack of staff...they help us, not by taking over our jobs, but doing what they do best, and helping us through a crazy shift. Maybe people should get over their big egos....we are not better than each other...we might not be able to do everything each other can do...but we can work together to do whats best for the patient....THAT IS WHY WE'RE THERE!!!
    P.S. I am not a medic or an EMT...strictly a nurse.....My husband is a firefighter/paramedic....I have a great respect for them.
  2. by   jeepgirl
    Quote from MedicRN
    I think the question that ntg asked is unbeliveable!!! Do you want a paramedic working on your loved one? Well let me remind ntg, if you ever call 911, you will most likely get a paramedic and/or emt. And the day they save you or your loved one's life, maybe you will realize the importance of the paramedic/emt. As a paramedic and a nurse, I know the importance of both education and experience. Because of my background in both fields, I can say that there are both good and bad paramedic's and nurse's. Depending on the competency of the person, that is who I would want taking care of me (not because of the initial's after the person's name)! Nurse's need to stop feeling threatened by the paramedic in the ER, ICU or CCU. I know many doctor's that would rather have me assisting them in the ER (because of my paramedic experience) than any other nurse. I think every nurse who is interested in critical care (ER or floor), should be required to have their paramedic licensure or have prehospital experience!!
    This happens all the time. In my nursing program, we had a medic who stated "I already work as a nurse anyway. The ER I work at uses medics as "second nurses" all the time. I can do everything a nurse can do better."
    True quote, my friends.
  3. by   mattsmom81
    Personally I don't feel threatened by EMT's...I just don't believe they should replace a nurse; nor do I want to be responsibile/liable for them.The ER setting I worked at did both, so I made an informed decision: I resigned.

    I hear paramedics and MA's say stuff like that all the time Jeepgirl...then they wonder why some nurses get aggravated at 'em...
  4. by   teeituptom
    Like others have said, I am not intimidated by techs or medics. Ive been there done that. Come to think of it, nothing intimidates me at all anymore. With maybe the one exception of Arnie the Gubernator running for president.
  5. by   MAGIK GIRL
    like others have said, i am not intimidated by techs or medics. ive been there done that. come to think of it, nothing intimidates me at all anymore. with maybe the one exception of arnie the gubernator running for president.

    after 15 years of doing this i am not intimitated, offended by anything, surprised by anything, or made sick by anything (well, just eye stuff).

    i don't judge you, like you, dislike you, envy you or get angry at you. it is just business.

    so along those lines i don't care if you are an md, rn, lpn, emt, crt, empt or a house keeper. just watch my back and i will watch yours. everyone is there for the same goal. not subculture oriented goals. sometimes we forget!

    "can't we all just get along?" life is short so enjoy it. see thru rose colored glasses and you will find what a beautiful place this world is!
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