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Hello everyone, I have been an RN for about 3 years (1yr med/surg; 2 yrs cardiac) I just started working ER about 3 weeks ago, and I just have a quick question. Are alot of floor nurses rude and... Read More

  1. by   BriBriRN
    I love when the floor says "Oh, we are to busy to take that pt right now, hold on for an hour or so." I wish I could say that to the ambulance that just brought that MI in!!!!!:chuckle
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    Quote from NurseDiva76
    Yep. It's the circle of life.

    Then the EMS workers go home and kick their dog.

    HAHAHA! Just kidding. But it's true. I've seen it. As soon as we hear "MFD #5 to XYZ Hospital" on the radio, a collective groan goes up, no one wants to get the call, and eventually someone hits the button and snarls at the poor unsuspecting paramedic.
    BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! RADIO!!!!!!!! I don't think its the EMS we don't like, its the sprained finger they just brought it...LOL
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    Quote from andylane78
    Hello everyone,

    I have been an RN for about 3 years (1yr med/surg; 2 yrs cardiac) I just started working ER about 3 weeks ago, and I just have a quick question. Are alot of floor nurses rude and essentially no help what-so-ever when you transfer patients? Tonight I took a patient up to Tele and I had to ask a nurse sitting at the station 3 times if my patient was in the right place and if I had the right room, she just stared at me, rolled her eyes and acted like asking her to give up a kidney or something! I don't ever remember flat out ignoring those who would transport patients from the ER or never helping get the patient into bed. I know it wasn't her patient but at least she could have told me who the secretary was so I could drop off the paper work, or do something!!?!??!!?!

    Do you guys run into this alot? Not everyone is rude, but it is has definetly been a trend.

    about 50% of the time I find the floor nurses hate getting and receiving report on a patient from the ER. Yep, it sucks. I took report when I was a floor nurse - IT'S JUST REPORT, after all.... no clue why all of the 'tudes.
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    Quote from LilgirlRN
    The worst is when the ER is running over with patients and the floor/unit nurse says "we're really busy can you hold the patient?" I don't get a choice, why should they? Like I can take an incoming patient report from a medic and say "Can ya'll circle the block for about 30 minutes cause I'm really busy now?"

    yeah, right?
  5. by   magicman
    Not only taking report, but even getting a bed assignment can be worse than pulling teeth! It can take upwards of an hour or more to even get an assignment when there are beds available!
    And yes, there are almost ALWAYS attitudes from the floor toward the ED. They also try to nit pick and find reasons to write us up on almost every pt. Been like that for years now.
  6. by   MAISY, RN-ER
    Personally I think the whole report thing is overblown-the full floor assessment must be done by the receiving nurse. Other than vital information-meds given, abnomal values, things stuck in the patient, current vitals, and wounds-THAT'S ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW, AND GUESS WHAT YOU'LL FIND THAT OUT BY DOING YOUR HEAD TO TOE! Because we all know that is done in person, not by my report. I will chart the particulars and be exact, but I refuse to spoon feed anyone.

    That drives me crazy!

    The other day I stayed late to help out, took a patient up to telemetry, after shift change----no bed, no tele leads, no nurse, no techs, you get the drift....I go to charge, I don't know where she is with attitude-the family upset because patient had just been released and was back in 24 hours wondering why they are acting like that. My clinical technician has our monitor, which can't be removed due to tridil drip.

    Guess where they were? Around the corner, shooting the bull!

    Went and took a clean bed out of another room, transferred the patient, advised charge nurse that if someone didn't move it I was calling the night superisor. Then everyone moved...I was there 10 minutes, working on my 15th hour and was in no mood for crap! ICU/CCU pull this crap, but only with new grads. I am tired of the bs! :wink2:

    I am always pleasant, do as many admit orders possible and do complete charting including measurements of ulcers, cellulitis, or edema-I don't like or deserve this treatment. Honestly I have to agree with all other posters-we can't tell the ambulances to wait!

    As for EMT/Paramedics you are 100% right! We do give you guy the hairy eyeball! I have one that I always tell to get lost unless he's ready to place a line and draw blood! Love him, but want throttle him when we get a newbie!