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This is how they present in triage. You note that they appear anxious, possibly in a bit of pain, sometimes they are very matter of fact. We've all seen em. Retained foreign object in various... Read More

  1. by   SoulShine75
    Quote from nitengale326
    i worked in long term care and we had a patient that was put on a strict diet... she weighed nearly 300 lbs. her family were the noncompliant ones. they would bring her snacks in all the time. one night before her "weigh day" she was complaining of vaginal burning. so the 3 of us... rolled her over and we found her recent snack... a 3 peice chicken snack... taters and roll included... all stuffed "in my pocket" she giggled. maybe we should get this one and the one with the dentures together...
    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :imbar :imbar :imbar :imbar :imbar :imbar :imbar :imbar :imbar :imbar :imbar :imbar :imbar :imbar :imbar :imbar :imbar :imbar :imbar :imbar :imbar :imbar :imbar :imbar :imbar :imbar :imbar :imbar

  2. by   Trauma-tizedRN
    Had a little old guy come in once c/o abd pain X 3 days. Abd firm, dist and tender. NO clue here or by anyone else. Off for a KUB he goes. Some time later, I get a call saying he was getting scoped....and alot of giggling going on. Shortly thereafter pt arrives on a gurney and the Rad nurse slaps a film down as he passes by....with a big azz grin on his face. We looked at the xray and I about died! MY first FB patient. There it was a 16 oz glass coke bottle...You could even read the "Coke" label on it. Someone had written on the film
    "Coke, it's the real thing"
    We all wanted to steal that film so bad! It would have been a great coffee table conversational piece!
    Yup, he said he "musta fell on it"
  3. by   Trauma-tizedRN
    Thought of another story I heard...happened in our ER, I was working ICU.

    60ish something y.o. man came into ER about 5 am, drove him self in still drunk and all. States wife PO'd at him for staying out late and drinking. States she shoved a walkie talkie up his butt while he was passed out. Woke up, couldn't get it out, and drove to ER. (my guess is he put it there himself....)
    The ER doc said "Well maybe if you could reach in and get your finger on the button, we could all yell in there and see if your wife wants to come down and get it out"
    I knew the ER doc on that night and he was the funniest man i've ever met. Very smart and caring, but the damned funniest ever.
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    Quote from Sarah8714
    This was back in my paramedic days - I brought in an lady who overdosed on a variety of medications. At the ER, I was helping the nurses place a foley catheter in the lady. The nurse was having a hard time advancing the catheter, she pulled it out and along fell out a ring. Then we started looking and found a gold necklace and top it off a Men's large size gold Timex watch. Yes, it was ticking!! For a month afterwards, when I dropped off a patient to the nurses that were there I would ask them what time is it?
    Got that through the urethral sphincter? That's pretty amazing...

  5. by   HAngel
    Quote from maturner
    Oh so many stories... One of my favorites is when the fellow came in with the "toy" still vibrating upon palpation. Strangely, upon retrieval of the very large "TOY" the surgeon found additional treasures recovering a small lotion bottle and a spoon. This guys rectum was a regular toy box.

    The fellow who lost hold of his mag light, you know the one that takes 4D batteries. Anyway, this fellow had the forsight to remove the batteries because he thought the battery acid might cause problems if they leaked. Nevermind, the problems of losing a foot long flashlight in your arse.

    This one is second-hand but from a reliable source, a woman is repeatedly seen in the ED for a recurrent colostomy infections. Someone finally gets the bright idea to culture the infection and you ask "What did they find?" Yes indeed, a mixed salad of STDs. Apparently, word got out in her neighborhood that her stoma gave good lovin.
    Oh my goodness!! They actually taught us last semester in school to make sure to educate patients undergoing a colostomy that the stoma is not to be used for intercourse. All of our jaws just dropped! LOL :chuckle:chuckle:chuckle

    I've worked for awhile in the ER, but still some things are surprising

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    Quote from HAngel
    Oh my goodness!! They actually taught us last semester in school to make sure to educate patients undergoing a colostomy that the stoma is not to be used for intercourse. All of our jaws just dropped! LOL :chuckle:chuckle:chuckle

    I've worked for awhile in the ER, but still some things are surprising

    AWK I will never be able to look a stoma in the eye again
  7. by   SusanJean
    Quote from Nemhain
    I don't care what the doggie was on...WHAT was that woman on? :chuckle
    I don't think I'd ever be taken alive to a hospital if I were ever stuck on a dog.
    I'm sorry, just have to ask...would you have gone to the vet instead??
  8. by   SWAT_RN
    Animal husbandry perhaps?
    Quote from stevierae
    Was it "Human Sexuality?" :chuckle
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    I don't shock easily, but I hafta tell you -- after reading about the stoma and STDs I almost wrote to the moderator to beg him/her to remove the post -- it was just *****SO***** disgusting. (need emoticon for gagging/barfing right here!)

    I'd never seen a stoma so I googled and what, WHAT did I find/ "Sexy stoma
    singles." Now, nothing can ever shock me. Nothing.
  10. by   RN2Bn2006
    OMGosh. Ok I am a first semester student. And excuse me please, but how does this stuff actually FIT in a rectum?? I mean the opening is not very large. Am I just missing something here ??
  11. by   RN2Bn2006
    Quote from ang75
    Ok, so this one is not about a fb, but close enough.

    Very, very dirty lol came in by ems, escorted by hus, for "just not right".
    It was very obvious by both appearance and aroma that neither of them could care for selves or each other any longer. EMS tells us that roaches were all over the house and were now all over their truck. NICE!
    Well, lol was altered, febrile and not at all mobile and very large. Went to put a foley in and there were roaches in her labial folds!!!!!!!!
    Frickin nasty! If I ever get to the point that I have any kind of rodent/pest farm anywhere even near my body that will be my breaking point. Dip me in some clorox and put me in a home.
    Oh My Gosh - that is like the nastiest thing I have ever heard! I don't think I could have done the foley. I would have had to puke! Is there ever a time when you can refuse to do something that is so grosse?
  12. by   JustaMaleRN
    Life in Chicago is never quiet. I have a collection on my office shelf...they came from the oral box, not the booty box.

    I have two pool balls. A patient came in on a Friday night, he tried to put a pool ball in his mouth on a bet. He managed to get the ball in, but his jaw muscles started to spasm, and he couldn't get it out. Start the IV, give some Morphine, a little versed, a couple of bite blocks and away we go.

    The other pool ball was from the following night, same place. This member of the brain trust heard about the activities of the previous night, and said that he could do it, and get it back out...no such luck. I was hoping to get a complete set. No such luck!

    In our booty box, we had such lovely things as bowling pins, x-rays of various sexual devices, both powered and manual, 12 inch florescent bulbs, standard light bulbs, old fashioned rolling pins...the list just grew. We used the box for our own amusement, but also as a teaching tool for the residents as they did their mandatory ER rotation. We used to kid them that the pen we just gave them was from the booty box...nothing like watching a doc throw a pen across the room and run to wash his hands for an hour!

    Ah...the wonderful days!
  13. by   Iam46yearsold
    some eerie stories in here