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eligibility letter from bvnpt in california


Hi everyone,

just want to ask how long does it usually take for the BVNPT in california to send the eligibility letter from submission of application? i sent my application 1 1/2 months ago and i haven't heard anything from them..

Mine was more than 2 months.. i send my application in november and received eligibilty around jan.

I waited 8 months since I sent my application to getting eligibility. It was a such a long wait.

My application was mailed to the BVNPT on 12/19/14, and I received my ATT on 1/28/15.

why did it took 8 months for you to get your eligibility letter?

why did it took 8 months for you to get your eligibility letter?

If you're an international applicant, you can expect a much longer processing time than those educated in the States.

really? it would still take longer even if I sent all the required forms and documents from school along with my application?

App sent the 26th of Jan, hear back around the 20th -ish of Feb, had a delay anyways because my school wasn't exactly great about proofreading our apps despite promising to review them with us before sending them out; required that I resubmit my ROC which cleared anyway but still! irritating and then I heard back again by March 9th (ish) and tested on the 25th with a good popup.

im an international applicant i sent my application around mid of january, received my eligibility letter first week of march..so it took them almost 2 mos in responding to my application.