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I'm a new grad nurse with a BSN. I hope to obtain further education someday and I was wondering what my options are. MSN is an obvious choice, but do nurses have other options in post-grad education besides more nursing education?It's not that I don't enjoy nursing, because I love it, but I also love knowledge and it'd be nice to get to learn about new things.

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some of my friends have addtional degrees as MBA or hospital administration or some other related field. Getting an MBA will put you on track for administration. Depends on your interest of course


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Masters of Public Health (MPH) or Masters of Health Administration (MHA) are the ones that come to mind.


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Masters of Public Health (MPH) or Masters of Health Administration (MHA) are the ones that come to mind.

MS in nurse anesthesia/ MSNA. Different from MSN.

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You could also get a degree in teaching, if that's something you're interested in.

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You can get a PhD in nursing.

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If you plan to continue your career in nursing in the US- make sure that you include an MSN or other graduate nursing degree. This is an absolute requirement for higher-level nursing positions. It's actually mandated by JC and other regulatory agencies as well as Magnet requirements. You can always add on with other non-nursing education as well, but the MSN or equivalent is a must. If you want to teach nursing, you have to have an MSN - the doctoral degree can be in another related field, but graduate degree must be in nursing.

MSN programs are available in a variety of specialty areas. For a while there, all the schools were throwing everything at NP programs, but I think that is leveling off a bit, so schools are providing more tracks in education, administration, research, etc.

Best of luck to you!