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Hello my fellow nurses! I'm new to this website, I feel it's a great idea to communicate amongst eachother :)

anyways; I just have a question about work, rather, an opinion. I was phoned today by my boss (director of care) offering me a paid in service this week that provides breakfast in lunch. Amongst all the nurses there, only two of us were selected. We will be attending with management from the facility. I just started this job in February (have worked lots of hours though) and the other girl has been there for a few years. I'm just wondering if this is a good thing? Kind of like a recognition for good work so far? Otherwise, I have no idea as to why I was selected!

Could any nurse manager provide me with their opinions on this? :) ps. I accepted to attend!

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Go!! :yes:

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IMO, it is a way to acknowledge your job performance in a very positive way! Smart manager. Smart organization.

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They obviously see someone who is capable of learning, and someone who is capable of learning is often ready for new challenges and advancement. Go, enjoy it, learn something.

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I would think of it as a positive. You are representing the hospital, so you must give off good vibes. You are being paid to be there, so they expect you will make good use of the information and make ask you to report about it to the staff or supervisor. Take every opportunity to learn.

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This sounds like recognition for your hard work. Your manager must see potential in you. Go get your grub on and learn something new. Congrats. :woot: