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ECSTATIC to be accepted into the RN program... but still stressed!


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For anyone who hasn't read my previous posts, I'm a career changer who was initially interested in trying an LPN program and then possibly bridging to an RN program. I already have a bachelor's degree (in History; earned 16 years ago) but coming from a non-science background, I took my Science pre-reqs VERY slowly, one at a time due to working both full & part time jobs.

I finished my pre-reqs last spring and took the TEAS exam in October. Since my school has the EXACT SAME REQUIREMENTS for LPN & RN (and Id have to wait until next year to apply for the Fall 2017 LPN program) I gave it a shot and applied to the Spring 2017 RN program, AND I GOT IN! But now I'M STRESSED beyond belief because I didn't think I'd get in and now I don't know how I'm gonna handle what's ahead (work schedules/tuition/classes & fees/clinicals, etc.) All I can do is trust in God to make a way out of no way!

Thanks for the encouragement & I hope this encourages any career changers out there to keep pushing on, even if its at a snail's pace! Somehow we will make it!!!

That is amazing. You should be proud of yourself. I am also trying to change careers after being a vet tech for 8 years. I am so nervous to quit my job and do something different but I feel blessed that I have the opportunity to do so. I wish you the best of luck.

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Congratulations! You will be very happy that you went the RN route instead of LPN-to-RN. If you're concerned about cost, remember that you will come out ahead going through it all at once instead of going LPN first, then working as an LPN, then going back and paying more for school. Also, use all your resources. There's a lot available to you and you will make it! Good luck!

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Congrats on getting in the first time you applied. Don't ever doubt yourself. You were smart enough to get admitted so you can defeat nursing school!

Congrats on the acceptance. I'm sure you will do great.

Good ole Baltimore! I'm from there :yeah:

I so wished i would have went down the RN route because i keep wasting alot of money on lpn

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I so wished i would have went down the RN route because i keep wasting alot of money on lpn

How so?

Congrats to you! I know it feels so good to finally get to the starting line! You'll do great!

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Congrats and good luck on your journey.


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In today's environment, you will be happy that you took this route because the job opportunties for LPN are very limited. I work with a wonderful one who has to live with the title "Nurse Tech" and a pay cut and isn't allowed to practice the whole scope of her license because our huge hospital doesn't hire LPNs anymore.

What you need to know is the same...RNs just need to know more but that is what the extra time is about.

I have been an RN for 2 1/2 years now after returning to school in my mid-40s. Most of the people in my program were career changers who often had other degrees. I don't think it really matters if that previous degree was science or not but rather did it teach you how to play the "school game". My other degree is Bioengineering so it was a science degree. That said, nurse school will be harder than anything you have ever done in your life before...so just make the commitment to give it your all.

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You did it!!! I know the feeling you're talking about, I had a mild panic attack when I got my acceptance letter as well. I knew that letter meant I would be quitting my job, having to figure out a whole new schedule for myself and for my child, and starting the stress of working to get really good grades and doing well on clinical. BUT, I figured it out and so will you! You will feel a lot better once you have more info on what your schedule will look like and can start working your life around that. You got this, congrats on getting into nursing school!

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