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I'm just curious to know, which nursing program is shorter, ECPI or TCC? I'm leaning more towards ECPI because their nursing program is only 18 months long. So does it really take 2 years to complete TCC's nursing program?


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I can't comment on which is shorter... but look at how it is structured. In my college the program is 2 years. However, if I were to break that down into months, it would be only 16 months long. My college does only fall/spring nursing semesters so summers are a break.

Keep in mind too that shorter means LESS time to cram the same amount of information into your head.


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Don't they have this stuff on their websites? If it's there, then it's true.

I agree with the above comment about length- my program was a 2 year BSN program, and it was INTENSE.

And, like the above poster stated, you need to look at what the time really breaks down into. Starting in August and graduating 20 months later in May isn't that much longer than an 18 month program.


To receive the Associate of Applied Science in Nursing, the student must earn 75 semester credit hours. The program requires a minimum 5 semesters or 18 months of instruction. The program requirements are as follows:

Remember its not 18 months, it's 18 months of instruction. Also, I'm not entirely sure if summer semesters count for the nursing classes.

Honestly, I'm not really into private profit schools, so I’d recommend the city college. Both programs are ADN.

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TCC is much cheaper. ECPI is about $40,000 last I heard.


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ECPI is accelerated and includes prereqs so it is good if you are going in with no prereqs done. I am in the second term of it and it is very fast paced. It is expensive but it is all inclusive (they only thing they don't pay for out of your tuition is paper pens and shoes.) I didn't want to wait on the list trying to get into TCC and I liked the class size.