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anyone could teach me how to identify different patterns of ECG, i totally have no idea how to find out the patterns for each cardiac rhythms? anyone could give me a link or any information. thank u very very much

I am a transition student from Paramedic to RN and can help if you'd like. First, learn basics....V-fib, normal sinus, bradycardia, and tachycardia. Asystole-flat line.....search out cardic strips....and look for ones with pictures and a brief explaination. Remember, a normal strip should have a p, q,r,s,t. I hope this helps, anymore questions, feel free to ask. I will look and see what links I can find for you. (remember also, some pts have weird strips but that is thier baseline, you need to ask yourself if they are symtomatic too)


I would suggest to look on youtube.com. It helped me a lot when I didn't have a mental picture of what was explained in the book. Type in any topics you are having trouble. It works!

He's a great practice site I found!!!


According to my instructor the NCLEX includes sinus brady, tachy, regular, the av blocks (1, 11, 111), especially 3rd degree. SVT, A Fib, A flutter, PVC's, idioventricular, v tach and v fib.

Normal PR is .12-.20 (anything above is 1st degree AV block)

Normal QRS is .04-.12

Thebest way to learn is to probably get a book, but if you wont be working critical care you probly wont need to know it to in depth just the bare minimum (again according to my instructor). They won't try to trick you on the NCLEX, pretty much any strips you might get would look close to the ones on that website.

If you can get a hold of this article, it covers most of the basic stuff you should need.

Palatnik, A. (2010) Too fast, too slow, too ugly: Dysrhythmias that every nurse should recognize. Nursing, 39(9), 38-46.

Hope this was helpful and good luck!!!!


I got a book. This was before youtube was around.

thank you very much, it is really helpful

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