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ECCO tips


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Hi all, cardiac PCU nurse transferring into MICU, will be starting floor orientation plus ECCO soon. Any tips for the computer stuff? I will be doing it in two 6.5-hr shifts a week, bc my manager recommended not trying to do it all in a 12-hr chunk. I'm very fast with computer learning and hope I can finish early (bc 3 months of dayshift hours will kill me!!)

What's it like? Do you take written notes while you do it to help you remember later? Can you go back and review? Should I push through to get it done as fast as possible or take my time? Last question, at the end of ECCO did you feel qualified to sit for the CCRN? (No debates on whether I am eligible please, I've already been through that.)

Thanks for your insight!


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You can run the modules while you take the tests. This has been acceptable at every place I've worked. And no, you're not eligible for CCRN, and no ECCO is not going to leave you prepared for it.

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I took notes while doing the ECCOs before taking the exams at the end of the modules. Make a plan and finish it on a schedule so that it seems less overwhelming and don't put it off until later in orientation.

I've been taking copious notes and am halfway through ECCO training this week. I've completed a little more than 50 % of the modules and have written probably 50 pages of notes. Writing down info helps it process into my brain better.....that being said, my hand is about ready to fall off, as we are doing 8 hours a day for two weeks straight.