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What are some of the courses you have taken to satisfy the humanities requirement for EC? Anybody done any CLEP or DSST (Dantes)? Which ones will EC accept? How hard were they what would you suggest?


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I CLEP'd it, 6 credits for Humanities and EC takes it.

I studied using the REA book, it comes with a CD. I took the exams in the book, read through the chapters and took the tests on the CD over & over until I could get them 80-100%. There were questions I didn't know the answer to on the actual CLEP test, but only a handful. I might suggest getting another book to supplement the REA one.

(Actually if you are serious about taking the CLEP I still have the CD, I can mail it?)


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Thanks for the information. That sounds like a good deal, 6 credits for one test. However, I know literally nothing about art, music, composers, literature, etc. I would rather take something I know a little bit about. Thanks for the offer to mail the CD, that was very thoughtful.

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I plan on clepping sociology. Dantes for intro. to world religion...Many people say I am crazy for the religion one, but I had the material for it already. They say it is difficult to study. I don't know because I am still on my last concept, and I have not even ventured there. Good Luck to you! Traci


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I have the REA Humanities book and will be testing out of it in about two months or so. I have no clue what it's talking about but I figured I would learn for a fast 6 credits. At first after I had gotten the book I had to call EC to ask if it was actually the right book. I never really thought Humanities would consist of art, literature, etc. I thought I'd be taking like ethics, religion, etc.

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