Easier to find a job in the fall?


I was thinking about it. I will be a new grad soon. Of course, many places do not want new grads. So, the ones that will take them, would it be easier to find a job in the fall? I mean May is when a whole bunch of them graduate so it would be hard to find a job then. And if there are December grads, then that would be in December. So, since the fiscal year ends/begins in like October, is it easier to find a job?


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Hmmmm, might be something to it. I, myself, had interviews for 4 different facilities at the end of last Sept & started my job the first of Oct. But, I also put on my applications during the summer that I did not want to start until late Aug-Sept so that I could have the summer home with my kids. So, it may have just been that places I applied did not want to bother with someone who didn't want to start working right away. I think it would be better to go ahead and apply early so you don't miss out on any opportunities rather than waiting. It still may be fall before something works out for you, but on the other hand if you wait until fall to begin applying, it may be winter or later before you land a job.

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Honestly, I don't think so. In my area, hospitals hire new grads months in advance. New grads scheduled to start in September would be hired like now or during the summer at the latest.

Also, fiscal years differ between institutions. My current facility's fiscal year is October-September but at my new job it will be July-June.


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I have read that there is generally more hiring in the fall but I don't know if this extends to healthcare.