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I live in Oregon and admissions into nursing schools is very hard. I am willing to re-locate to pretty much any state (warmth would be a plus) and I was wondering if any of you knew of any schools/programs that have easy admission? I have applied two years in a row, I have a 3.5 GPA, and I am a CNA. I just can't seem to get into Oregon or Washington schools. I read that there are some schools you just enroll into the classes and don't have to apply?

Any ideas? I'll take all options, as long as they will get me to be an R.N

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Do you have a bachelors already?

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Kansas, as in KU?

As in Fort Hays. BSN RN. No wait list for the past few semesters. 100% NCLEX last semster, 90+ something the semsters before. It is in the middle of BFE is the only issue.

No, I don't have a previous degree. Just pre-nursing.


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Darn. I wish I could relocate to Kansas. Any other suggestions anyone?


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