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If everyone Air Force could please state which choice of base you got. For example, your first choice, second or third. I am really considering coming back into the Air Force active once i finish with my BSN. When i went active duty enlisted almost noone got their first choice or any of them for that matter. I just want to get an idea of what my chances are. I am not so concerned on the exact base i choose first, but just something from my top five would be nice. I REALLY REALLY appreciate you guys taking the time to answer the question. Once again thanks tons!!!!


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i got my first choice!


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AWESOME! if i could get my first choice which will be Eglin, i would be absolutely ecstatic:D


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I got my third choice which was Wright-Patt and looking back I'm glad I got that because now my family is only 5 hours away in Chicago instead of a flight or 13-16 hour drive.


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i got my fourth choice- keesler. 1 was eglin, 2 was andrews, 3 was langley. i'm a new grad though so that may have affected things.


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thats not bad, but i'm just looking for something in the south east


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I didn't get any of my choices, but they had to base everything off of both my ICU experience and my husbands experience since he is AD as well. They will look at what you choose as well as their need and any other factors that may play into the decision. I am still very happy with the choice they made for me.

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1st duty station I got Sheppard AFB and it was my 4th choice. Sheppard no longer has a hospital.

2nd duty station went to Keesler AFB and it was my 2nd choice.

3rd duty station USUHS.

4th duty station got my 1st choice which was Elmendorf.

My best advice about putting down duty stations is to find out what is open/has opening coming up, and then only putting down 2-3 choices from that list. The recruiters will pressure you to put down more but unless there is 4-5 duty stations you really want to go to only put down 2 or 3 from what is coming open. You can put down Hawaii or Florida all day long, but if they don't have any openings coming up for your speciality then it doesn't do you any good to put it down.

Just my 2cents for what is worth.


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For me, I put down the 5 bases that my husband (who is AD) and I could get together. We ended up getting our 3rd choice of Wright-Pat.


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I got my 3rd choice...

My choices were

1. Eglin

2. Andrews

3. Langley

4. Keesler


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I got my second choice: