Duquesne Second Degree Nursing Class of 2016


Hey everybody, I recently just got the news that I was accepted into Duquesne's Second Degree Nursing program starting in the Fall 2015 semester! Was just curious to see if there was anyone else out there interested in reaching out to other accepted students!


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Congratulations on your acceptance.

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Hi! I just recently was accepted too. Can't wait to start!

Congratulations! My friend is doing that right now and I considered applying for it as well but I do not believe I have all of the pre-reqs that I need. I have level 1 of all of them but need level 2.


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I received my letter on the 10th of this month :) I'm really excited.

July is when I finish up my pre-reqs...so I'll be moving back to PA from Mississippi in a span of a few weeks...fun.


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To everyone who has posted I urge you to read the posts from the board for 2015 class,with all of the warnings from the members of the class of 2014. I did not heed the warnings. Just to be clear I achieved a high GPA , so this has nothing to do with being angry at grading etc

Although slightly annoyed that because of their grading policy I did not get a 4.0 (you need a 92 percent to get an A, no rounding-- i finished one class with a 91.88 percent, and there was no budging, my grade was entered as a B)


I heard the same regarding their program from my friend that will graduate in the Spring 2015. She stated that 2 of their professors were fired for inefficiency. In other words, they were not the best at teaching but expected students to know the information anyways. She was displeased that her pathology professor only had a Bachelor's Degree as well. However, she has stated that she looks for things to get better in the future because they are moving to a 4.0 scale. Despite their primitive-like systems, they appear to be coming up to contemporary times and "getting with the program". They are a business and I'm sure they realize if they do not improve, they will not be receiving many applicants and therefore will not make the profit they desire.


If you already have a Bachelor's Degree, I encourage you to look at Conemaugh Nursing Program as well. Their program includes over 1000 clinical hours and the only prerequisites that you may not have from your undergraduate degree are Anatomy and Physiology I and II. It's in Johnstown, PA so if you're looking solely for a Pittsburgh school, this is not feasible but I would at least check it out if I were you. They have great reviews and I've heard nothing but good things about them.

No matter what you do, best of luck!

Hi I've been accepted into the program too! I applied and was accepted at Drexel as well and I'm very conflicted on which program to choose. Both are fast paced programs and in great cities as far as medical opportunities are concerned. The negative posts on Duquesnes past forums makes me nervous but it's not that I've heard great things about Drexel either.


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I believe we should start a Facebook page!


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I just received my acceptance letter!! I'm just worried about housing and etc


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Hey everyone! Congrats to everyone who has heard back from DU for the Accelerated Nursing Program! I am a former student of the program, but decided to transfer to another ABSN program.

The reason I am posting is because I purchased 2 sets (2 tops and 2 bottoms) of Duquesne University School of Nursing women's scrubs that I am looking to get rid of. All pieces are a Size X-Small. Each set was worn less than a dozen times and are honestly in perfect condition. For size reference: I am 5'3" tall and about 135 pounds. In regular clothing I wear anywhere from a size 2-4 jean and XS-S shirts.

I also have the white lab coat used for clinical. It has never been worn! The coat is a size Small.

In total, I spent close to $170 on these items. However, I am willing to sell them at a lower price to someone who is interested. Trust me, you will definitely want more than 1 set of scrubs for clinical, given that you start the first semester in the field twice a week. Please, let me know if you or any other students you may know are interested in these items. :)

Good luck to all!


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What's the price?