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Dummie Books


So far I have bought a dummie book for math. What other subjects have you found these books useful for?


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ACT prep book is pretty good. I bought the one for anatomy and physiology but i wouldn't recommend it as a main supplement for the course because it doesnt go in depth enough for my class. but it does break down the main points.

You should try the "Cliff's Notes" series. I love them and they are pretty cheap at about $12 a book.

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I bought A&P, Biology and Algebra......since I haven't been to school in 20 years....I figured I needed to start out nice and slow! LOL

I have bought the A&P book, I agree with the first reply, it is okay as a supplement. It does not go in depth of anything in great enough detail.


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I wouldn't have passed my basic inorganic chem without "Chemistry for Dummies" It made all the difference!

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