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  1. too much load???

    As someone was saying before if you want it, you will obtain it! It's going to be hard, I am not going to lie to you. You will need a support system and someone to watch baby...but go for it!
  2. Accepted to SRMC Fall 2011

    I am unsure of the new program...but I will be starting semester 3 on August 29th. If you want it, you can obtain it...just stick it out.
  3. Accepted to SRMC Fall 2011

    Hey, currently in Semester 2 good luck in the new program! Great job on getting accepted. Just a heads know how hard it is to get into nursing's about 5 X harder to stay in... get organized and prioritize! My class will be doing ...
  4. I am nervous about going into my first nursing course!

    Taylor's will be majorly used in your fundamentals class...but only about 3/5 of it. You will not go cover to cover in that book in one semester, but by the end of your program you will probably be familiar with it. But it's nice to have to reffer to...
  5. Accepted to SRMC Spring 2010!!

    SRMC has anywhere from 20-35 students graduate and take the NCLEX-RN every fall and spring, it is in a rather mediocre area and income area, not located in Midlothian (JTCC) who's pass rates have been shockingly low, or Richmond ( JSRCC) or VCU, and ...
  6. Accepted to SRMC Spring 2010!!

    Before you bash a school, do you research... just saying.
  7. Concerned...allnurses store product

    I find it a bit of a poor idea considering we should all think of safety first I agree if I started feeding my child candy out of a medicinal container, he may think all medicinal container contain cand. ...
  8. Accepted to SRMC Spring 2010!!

    For the past 3 semesters SRMC has had 100 % pass rate on the NCLEX.
  9. What are my chances of getting into the nursing program?

    Your chances on getting in are going to rest on many things. How many credits you have that can be applied to the nrsing program, the grades in those classes, letters of rec. , maybe an interview process, having your immunization records up to date,...
  10. Accepted to SRMC Spring 2010!!

    SRMC's nursing school will have a building and facilities on RBC campus and they will probably no longer have their building in downtown Petersburg. They are not building a new facility, but RBC is vacating an old science building and the labs will b...
  11. Accepted to SRMC Spring 2010!!

    Well, nobody wants to go to school for 3 years for a diploma! Thats rediculous. And I feel that SRMC produces just as good nurses as any other nursing school in the area. In each batch of graduating RNs you get the ones who know there stuff and the o...
  12. Rank these classes by how hard they are

    A&P 1 Concepts -3 Volume-3 A&P 2 Concepts-4 Volume-4 Microbiology Concepts-3 Volume-4 Introduction to Sociology Concepts-2 Voulme-2 Developmental Psychology (Human Growth & Development) Concepts-2 Volume -3
  13. Anyone applying to SRMC in Petersburg, Va for spring 2011 admission?

    If by PSB test you are referring to a psych services bur test, No. At SRMC, you will send in your app with all required documents like all official transcript, letters of rec, student statement, app. fee and all of that, they will process it, and c...
  14. money to live on while in school

    I am starting in January, we have 2 kids and my husband just retired from the Army, he can't find a job. We are just living off of his pension right now. I have 1 grant and 2 scholarships that will cover my supplies, uniforms, and books, so I am taki...
  15. Anyone applying to SRMC in Petersburg, Va for spring 2011 admission?

    i got in to srmc, will see everyone there in january of 2011. :)