Duke NP graduates.... worth it?

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I am (excitedly) looking into nursing programs to hopefully enroll in within the next year. I have been intrigued by Duke, not only for it's ranking but for the fact that I could add some specialty education, which isn't easy to find!

Things I'm worried about:

1. COST. I'm guessing its going to be between 75-100K for me to complete this degree at duke... and I recently learned FASFA doesn't have any grants for grad school So whether or not having the high profile degree is worth the extra money is a concern of mine.

2. TIME. I've reached out to the program with no response so far, but I'm having a hard time seeing what the part time options are like for distance students. Does anyone know how long this program is when done part time?

3. COMPETITION. I know I'm not alone in this, but when I went through nursing school 10 years ago I was on the tail end of some pretty intense bullying from my professors. I have a TERRIBLE taste in my mouth from nursing school, but still have a huge desire to advance my education and professional experience. I worry a bit that a school as high profile as Duke would be hugely competitive and leave me feeling a bit beaten down again. This is the topic I get most nervous about!

Thank you to anyone who finished reading my tome ?

I appreciate the advice!

1 minute ago, kittymold said:

Yeah ? that's been a concern too. I got accepted to a school near where I live but their program is brand new so I'm hesitant. kinda wild to apply and want to get in so badly but when I do I just start having second thoughts.

It's a big decision. Lots of time, effort, and money. You're smart to really think through it. Good luck to you, whichever route you choose!

thank you! appreciate all the feedback!

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3 hours ago, kittymold said:

They have changed the program so there arent part time and full time options. They now just have one plan that's called "fully enrolled". The MSN NP timeline is now 3 years. Those of you that completed the program and loved it, do you believe that your Duke education helped to get you employed faster? Also, do they actually help you with clinical placements? I've only seen mixed reviews

Does that follow a part-time schedule, and is this a DNP or a NP?

both. it's like in between part time and full time

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How long is the Duke NP program in semesters for full time?

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On 4/15/2020 at 1:26 PM, JZ1 said:

How long is the Duke NP program in semesters for full time?

I was told by Duke that the AGPC program is 2 years + 1 semester. So, if one was to Start Fall 2020, they would graduate in Fall 2022, with clinical rotations beginning Spring 2022. Other programs may be longer.

On 4/14/2020 at 8:21 PM, Sun1 said:

Does that follow a part-time schedule, and is this a DNP or a NP?

Wait what? I was just except it for fall 2021 and I had no idea that this program is three years long. I thought it was only two.

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how long is the PMHNP program ?


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I'm a RN looking to shadow a psych NP or MD. Is anyone willing to help?

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