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Hello everyone!

I thought I would start a thread for prospective Blue Devils. I would love to hear about each of your backgrounds, professional experience and/or where else you may have applied. Have any of you applied to Duke's ABSN before? This might be a great place to ask questions, share insights and tips for submitting a strong application!

Me: I live in Portland, Oregon. I graduated with a BA in Psychology in 2010. Since then I have worked in domestic violence shelters, mental health crisis centers and in outpatient addiction treatment. I quit my mental health case manager job to pursue nursing almost 2 years ago now! I have been volunteering at a Burn ICU in town. I applied to USFCA in Orange County (safety!) and Johns Hopkins for Fall '18, in which I have been waitlisted. I have an underwhelming undergraduate GPA and a 4.0 in prerequisites. In my applications I've done my best to highlight my professional experience and dedication to under served and under resourced populations. I also submitted a supplemental essay explaining poor undergraduate academic performance. I did notice however that Duke's application portal doesn't have a place to upload supplemental materials. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions about how I could get this essay in front of the admissions committee?

I can't wait to hear about you all! :)

Hello! I'm planning on applying although I'm waiting on acceptance for another program for fall 2018 and I'll do that if I get in. I graduated in June 2017 with a BA in economics. They had a webinar last night for the program and said they look at your overall GPA so I think mine is somewhere around a 3.1 but like you I have a 4.0 in pre-reqs. They said the process is pretty holistic so having professional experience might be helpful. I believe they also said you can email the SON admissions if you had something extra you wanted them to consider in your app.

Hi y'all! I am also applying. Where can we check to see if they have received our transcripts?

Hey Everyone, I just got admitted into their program for the Fall. From what I know is that although they look at everything collectively(GPA, Pre reqs, work experience, essays and references), they seem to put some weight on the GPA. Going around many of these forums before I applied I noticed that many of the individuals that got accepted had a minimum of a 3.6 GPA. So if you wanted to explain a reason for your GPA I would suggest emailing the admissions office to see if you could upload it along side the other 4 essays you will have to write or just to see what they say.

Specializes in Mental Health, Addictions.
Hi y'all! I am also applying. Where can we check to see if they have received our transcripts?

I was wondering the same thing! I was under the impression that they would e-mail you a confirmation once they received your transcripts, however I haven't received any. If anyone knows, please share!

I plan on calling this afternoon to get more information on that inquiry. Do you know, roughly, how many applicants they get for the ~80 slots in the Spring cohort, specifically?

Specializes in Mental Health, Addictions.
I plan on calling this afternoon to get more information on that inquiry. Do you know, roughly, how many applicants they get for the ~80 slots in the Spring cohort, specifically?

I do not! I sent them an e-mail over a week ago asking a few questions (that being one of them) and have yet to receive a reply. Calling might be a better option.

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I just found this on the DUSON ABSN Spring '18 forum:

"They usually get between 350-400 applications and accept 70-75 students. So that's between a 20% and 18% acceptance rate."

If anyone figures out how to see whether they have received our transcripts please let us know..

I called twice, left a message, and they are yet to reply.

Also, do you guys think I will be at any major disadvantage for graduating in 2 1/2 years instead of the full 4 (AP/summer school)?

A little background about me: 4.0 cGPA, respected uni, honors college, multiple clubs, volunteer ACT tutor at multiple impoverished high schools, medical scribe 30hr/wk, hospital volunteer/shadow, run a website (blog), and a business with fellow undergraduates grossing over ten thousand, more.

Hey Everyone, I am a student at UC Berkeley graduating in May! Grades and prereqs are all good, but let's wait and see! Will submit app in about two weeks.

Hello! I am applying as well. I am a little nervous because my pre-req GPA is not a 4.0, its not low at all, but I wish it was a little higher. I am currently editing my 4 essays to make it better. It was so hard to keep it under 1 page. For transcripts, did you just send them through your school? Other places I applied to there was like a section to do it on the school's personal application but I do not see that for this one.

About me: I am graduating from Oregon State in June with a BS in Kinesiology, option in Pre-therapy and Allied Health and a double minor in Psychology and Public Health. I volunteered at Salem Hospital in both the emergency and pediatric department for 3 years and I currently intern at a PT clinic as well as work in the safety department of my school's gym where I do ER shifts at games as well as teach CPR and first aid!

Anyone have some updates? Lol. You all sound quite competitive imo.

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